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April Fools Day Hoaxes, Dota 2 MDL Paris Disneyland Major, Fortnite 8.20 Update (Boom Bow!)

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Hi there everybody, it’s April 2nd and welcome back to our esports channel blog, where we give you the latest in esports and video game news.

Today we’ll be talking about the best April fool's announcement from yesterday, recapping the mdl Disneyland Paris major, and discussing the new explosive bow in Fortnite. But first, let’s recap those dota 2 matches.

Yesterday saw the final round of the mdl Disneyland Paris major qualifiers. The day started with J.Storm playing team team in an elimination best of three.

Game 1 went to J.Storm, but team team answered back in game 2 and closed out the series with a win in their final game, advancing to the qualifying round on the back of envy’s excellent carry, finishing game 3 with a 9/1/11 score.

At that same time, we tuned in to forward gaming vs xolotl. This match also went to game 3, dragging out long in the beginning, though it seemed as if forward gaming simply had to solve team xolotl. While game 1 went xolotl’s way in 42 minutes, fg answered back with a 38-minute win in game 2, and it was fg who closed out the series with a decisive 32-minute win, though eyes should be on yanar’s naga siren going deathless, with a 5/0/8 kda at the end of the match.

These 2 teams then clashed in the last qualifier fo the final spot of the Paris major. Team team met forward gaming in what ended up being a brutal best of 3 for the final ticket to Disneyland.

Game 1 of the match saw another deathless performance from yawar, at 16/0/8, with a stellar show on troll warlord. The game was largely even for the first 25 minutes, but it was finally forward gaming’s team fight that broke open a lead and paved the way for an eventual game 1 win.

Game 2 saw a similar story, with a slow and even early game until 26 minutes, where once again, forward gaming began to accrue advantages after a teamfight, but this go around, team team was ready to strike back. A safe landing phase set up gunnar, newsham, and envy to retaliate just a few short minutes later. Team team had a stronger snowball, and equalized the series with a game 2 win at 39 minutes.

As any good story must come to an end, the final spot of the final region was on the line with one single action-packed game. Ultimately, it was team team who proved victorious.

Thought team team took an early advantage, forward gaming held on tooth and nail, dragging the match out, fight after fight, until the end was all but impossible to deny, allowing team team to claim the final ticket to the mdl Disneyland Paris major. The tournament is set to begin on may 4th, and with all 16 teams ready to fly in, it’s only a matter of time before we get more awesome dota 2 action.

While those teams were hard at work battling it out, yesterday was also a celebratory day for video game fans everywhere - as April fool's day gave every developer, news outlet, and twitterer a chance to troll their way to your favorite front page. Let’s take a look at some of the standouts and favorites from yesterday’s hilarity.

First, let’s start with the familiar. World of warcraft’s annual april fools patch notes dropped yesterday, with some good laughs to be had the whole way down.

The addition of the new companion app findr, or findr for those inclined, allows for you to find a new groupmate, in which you can swipe left to decline, or right to accept. Some gems include the option for teams of ai characters to complete dungeons, short-eared blood elves, feral druids becoming crowd controlled by throwing cheese onto their heads, aluneth’s integration of voice commands, and the renaming of rogue’s shadow dance to shadow yeet, shadow floss, and shadow dab. Of course, this is just a taste, and these patch notes are chock full of hilarity.

Up next, we turn to peripherals company hyperx and their new partner nissin, as they teased a new headset that can be cooked in only five minutes flat!

The headset features stylish cup noodle earbuds, boasting the largest “noodle chambers” on the market. For bonus points, the detachable noise cancelling microphork is sure to turn heads at your next lan party. Though i have to wonder if the mic stays active while you’re slurping up some noms in the middle of your discord call.

Corsair also forayed into the April fool’s festivities, announcing their new corsair game launcher… launcher.

Are you tired of managing your many game libraries across so many different game launchers and platforms? Then corsair has you covered, with a, and these are some heavy air quotes, cross platform platform. The corsair game launcher launcher boasts a lootbox system, allowing you replace your unplayed games with randomized lootboxes, containing more games you’ll never play, a virtual currency to help you buy virtual currency, and even a friends list manager manager to track your friends across every platform they play. Some of the games listed had us chuckling too, with titles like sass effect 3, killdude, and even itcher 3: wild bugs.

This next one had us initially excited, then confused, then giggling nonstop for the remainder of the video. Ign debuted an, at the time, unannounced nintendo direct, but like anything that appears on april fools, it proved to be more fantasy than fact. The video clocks in at about 5 minutes, and at the risk of spoilers, we can only recommend that you watch it yourselves.

Honorable mentions went to for honor, for their rabbids invasion, rainbow 6 siege’s new rainbow themed cosmetics, finally embracing the rainbow in their titular name, and lastly origin pc’s competitive pc building league. Thats right, a competitive league dedicated to building pc’s, not playing them. Of course, this is only the tip of the april foolseberg, and plenty of other companies chimed in with their own subversions of reality to keep us guessing all day long. I must admit though, i am a bit glad for all of the shenaniganery to be over.

Finally, to close us out, fortnite’s 8.20 content patch dropped earlier this morning, seeing the arrival of the boom bow to the arsenal of weapons you can find in game. We’ve been speculating as to how this weapon will play since it was datamined, and can’t wait to see if it’s going to be as destructive as we hope, or just a dud to be passed up when looting.

That wraps up the big news that’s totally real, and definitely not fabricated. Come back tomorrow for your daily fix on all esports news.

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