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League of Legends LEC & LCS results, Pax East, & NorCal Regionals!

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

In our coverage today we’ll be covering the lcs and lec first round playoff matches, call of duty results, and to wrap it up we’ll be covering some smash ultimate and splatoon pax tournament results and news.

This weekend, the lec started their first round playoff matches with fnatic and vitality on friday and sk gaming with splyce on saturday. The results were exactly how they were predicted to be.

In game 1, fnatic brought out a low hard engage team with the jungle karthus pick, but because of that pick vitality brought in a more aggressive comp with the ezreal and lucian pick and the jarvan and braum engage.

At the start of the match both were on par with each other and keeping at a stalemate during the early game.

At the 23 minute and the 40 minute mark, a hard engage by team vitality turned sour with every major key ultimate burned, they were forced to disengage. But fnatic were after blood and they picked up three kills with an ocean drake and baron pick up.

At the final 34 minute mark, fnatic went for an all out attack to push back vitality, with an open window they were able to destroy the nexus and secure the first game win.

With game 1 in fnatic’s belt, vitality went back to the drawing board to see where they can meet fnatic at even ground. With the second game going underway, it was pretty clear that fnatic came in strong and ready

moving into game 2, fnatic stuck with a passive comp as the karthus jungle pick was brought out. Vitality did not change their game plan either and went with an aggressive comp yet again.

At first vitality kept fnatic at a distance and picked off their stragglers during the laning phase, the early game was tipping onto their side.

But at the 18 minute mark fnatic showed vitality that they were never in control and took advantage of the map dominance they had in the mad lane and took out 2 vitality members.

At the 23 minute, vitality initiated a mid lane siege, only for their engage to go south, with braum, jarvan, and kennen all taken out in that team fight it opened the door for an ad carry kill and an uncontested baron.

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and finally at the 28 minute mark, fnatic initiated their final team fight, with vitality pushed up against their nexus, they had no choice but to fight it out and unfortunately lose the game after 3 members of vitality fell.

With fnatic at game point, questions for vitalities playstyle came into the scene. Fnatic looking confident to return back to the stage and get their last win, everyone didn’t doubt fnatic to have a strong opening especially with a 2-0 lead.

On game 3, both fnatic and vitality switched up their comps and playstyle with each taking in an aggressive comp. The entire world knew that it was all or nothing for both teams but fnatic debut the newly reworked kayle with nemesis holding her. In the early game, fnatic showed no mercy to team vitality and picked em off one by one.

In only 18 minutes into the game, nemesis showed kayle’s true power with an intense jungle fight, that ended with a triple kill at the cost of his own life.

And finally at the 21 minute mark, nemesis and his kayle closed out the game with a kayle penta and swift nexus destruction , fnatic ended the series with a 3-0 lead and moving on to the quarterfinals.

After that huge first game on day 1, sk gaming and splyce went at it on day 2. Sk gaming was able to get 1 win on the board, but fell short to splyce after game 1 and the entire set. Splyce moves on to the quarterfinals.

With lec round 1 games finished, we’re now looking forward to the quarter finals!

In match 1, the 2 winners of the first round will face off, fnatic and splyce look to topple the other. Splyce never faced fnatic in the playoff run so questions on the matchup are in the air. In the second match of the quarterfinals the first 2 seeds of the regular season face off to advance straight to the finals.

The matches will take place at the end of this week, with fnatic and splyce started on friday, april 5th at 1pm eastern, then on saturday, april 6th at 12pm eastern, origen and g2 will go head to head.

Alot of league action happened but we’re not done yet, the lcs started their playoff run, with anticipation going up, fans themselves were questioning more on the flyquest and golden guardians matchup than they did the team solomid and echo fox game. On saturday, flyquest defeated golden guardians in a full 5 game set and a 3-2 victory.

Now moving on to the match of the day, team solomid took on echo fox in day of the quarter finals. It was an underdog story for echo fox, but they came in confident to try and take the series.

Starting off game 1, tsm looked into to having a more lane dominant strategy while echo fox stayed with the more jungle dominant comp with kindred pick, but both teams had the objective of dominating on their mind. For most of the early game, both teams were at a stalemate until tsm made the first move and took the lead until the 36 minute mark.

Where the tables turned on tsm, when an engage turned south on their side, the echo fox team was able to pick off the backline and continue the fight on their side with the team fighting ending with an ace. This allowed echo fox to push through the mid lane and to close out game 1 with a victory against tsm.

With game 1 going to the underdogs, now all eyes were on echo fox to try and take down the giants of tsm. But at the time, the series wasn't finished and tsm regrouped for game 2.

With champ select on game 2, it showed that tsm adapted to echo fox’s strategy and immediately banned out the win condition from last game, kindred. Now echo fox and tsm are both on even playing fields with each team taking a more balance comp between engaging and disengaging.

In the early game, both teams played it carefully until tsm made the first move and throughout the game they kept their lead.

At the 25 minute mark, it showed that tsm had their number and engage a clean team fight taking down 4 of the 5 members of echo without casualties on their side.

And finally at the 32 minute mark, tsm pushed back echo fox into a decisive nexus fight, taking them down to tie the series.

With game 3 ending in a similar fashion for tsm, they lead the series 2-1 going into the next game.

With series point now in effect and echo fox in a state of do or die, both teams came in with aggressive comps, but the main question was, who would make the final daring move to secure the series. At first echo fox looked promising on holding off tsm but the tables turned on them as every fight they engaged went south or had no results.

Tsm’s dominance stayed put up until the 41 minute mark where they pushed back the echo fox base and took down the nexus for their third win of the series and moving onto the next round.

With the quarterfinals for the lcs done and in the books,

the current bracket is starting to fill up. With team liquid choosing to take on flyquest and cloud 9 going up against team solomid.

Now the matches will take place at the end of this week, on saturday april 6th, cloud 9 look to end tsm’s streak and knock them out of playoffs, their match will begin at 5pm eastern time. Then on sunday april 7th, team liquid and flyquest go head to head with team liquid looking to advance to the finals to defend their championship title, that match will begin at 3pm eastern time.

Moving on to call of duty, the final cross divisional matches of week 5 took place last week and the results

in the first match, team you why you went against team envy, the day before questions rose on the current you why you roster and they were looking to stomp those questions, but unfortunately they didn’t do themselves justice, dropping all 3 games in the series to team envy. Envy showed they were the better team in this match up, outsmarting and outplaying all members of you why you.

In the next match, eunited took on red reserve but unlike the previous match, this series was a lot closer.

After losing to the top team of the division eunited looked to gain a momentum spike to end the week, but red reserve wasn't going to let them go without a fight. With both teams taking games back and forth, it was eunited who closed out the series with a 3-2 score.

For the final match of week 5, it was time for heretics to test their luck against the number one team luminosity.

With luminosity trying to finish the week on a positive standing, heretics is already at the point and are just looking to gain a streak of momentum, taking down the number 1 team seemed like a goal within reach. In the set, luminosity and heretics went back and forth and tied the series at 2-2 until heretics took the final game in a close finish.

With week 6 taking place today, we’ll be looking at the results tomorrow. But on day 2, the games will go on. Starting off with optic gaming against denial esports, then reciprocity will take on enigma6, afterwards 100 thieves look to show that their roster is still in good shape against midnight, then to close out the day splyce will go head to head with gen.G

these matches will begin at 3pm eastern time, with the last week going underway it's anyone’s game.

Moving on to pax east 2019, big announcement for borderlands fans

gearbox software has officially announced the latest installment of the borderlands serie. Borderlands 3 was shown off in pax east and the reception was wild after fans waited for 5 years for a new installment. The developer showed off a bit of what's in store for the new game, but no announcement past that have been given and no release date has yet to be confirmed.

Pax east also had their share of tournaments, nintendo’s splatoon 2 na inkling open finals went underway.

For the finals of the splatoon 2 tournament, 2 teams from different regions of the north american side battled it out to be crowned the champion, ftwin and lowkey were the top finalist of the series, in a best of 5 checkpoint match, both teams put their hard work over the past few months to the test and with both teams at a tie with a 3-3 score, it was ftwin that took game 7 and became the splatoon 2 na champions.

Now splatoon 2 wasn't the only nintendo game to get some action, the super smash bros. Ultimate na finals took place.

With the final two regions of south and north east going at it in the finals, it was a close match with poltergust and seth taking the set to a 5 game match up. With both regions tied at 2 for 2 it was poltergust wii fit trainer that took the win and earned his region the title.

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