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We’ve got cs go pro league marching forward in not one but two championships, and a few games happening today. We also have news from the call of duty world league, a surprising move from the ncaa, smash tournament, let’s talk some hygiene, specifically, in the yugioh card game official rules, fexl has been delayed, overwatch is giving us some new skins, thursdays release of brightburn, splatfest?! And capcom has a few new games coming out in their new re-engine… let’s get started, this is the daily hud.

But first, before we get into our esports news, we want to have a quick chat about some big news that’s making the circuit around the fortnite world. Popular streamer tfue is suing his representative organization faze clan, for alleged exploitation, in which, according to faze clan, the organization is entitled to claiming 80% of tfue’s earnings in “brand deals featuring the gamer… if that deal is brought to the gamer by the company.” since this allegation, faze clan’s twitter is claiming that they have received zero dollars in tournament winnings, twitch revenue, youtube revenue, and $0 from any social media platform. They have then gone on to claim that the maximum earnings faze clan have claimed from tfue since their partnership began in april of 2018. The question of representation of talent and influencers in the gaming industry is still very contentious, as the young gaming industry has no union representation, like the traditional talent industry.

Looking back at our esports news, let’s take a look at csgo. We are in round two of season 9 of the esl pro league. For the america’s, mibr has remained a strong team to beat winning all group a matches last week. Today is the start of group b, kicking off with eunited vs. C9, ghost vs. Infinity later in the week eunited will face ghost and c9 vs. Infinity. Finally on may 23rd ghost goes back at it against c9, and eu will take on infinity. Everyone has the chance to play here, and only the best team of the four will get a chance to move on to the pro league finals.

Taking a look back at the season 8 of the esl pro league, nip has been known to rise like a phoenix from the ashes from some pretty serious low’s. Although nip will not be participating in the esl pro league we will get a chance to see them perform at the esports championship series season 7, where they are sitting pretty at the top of the standings.

Today begins series 5 of the esports championship series 7, nip will take on optic gaming, faze will take on g2. Today we will also see avangar take on mousesports, and starting off the day we have fnatic vs. Virtus.Pro. From here we will be moving into the semi-finals starting tomorrow.

Last night, we returned toward our next shooter with the cwl pro league games we discussed a bit yesterday, with evil geniuses vs midnight and reciprocity vs luminosity.

The first set opened with a bit of a surprise for those stat hawks like me, as evil geniuses took the series rather convincingly with a 3 - 1 victory over midnight.

Midnight opened the series up with a win in game 1, at which time we even got a chance to listen in to eg’s comms and how scattered and separate they were, but somehow, they managed to get their mentality reset in time for game 2, which they proceeded to win, along with the remaining matches of the series.

After that series, we had reciprocity going 3 - 1 against luminosity, and as both of the teams were tied in the standings at 5 - 9, this is going to give a big boost to reciprocity if they want to compete for the top of the standings.

Today we’ve got four games to keep an eye on starting with midnight vs. Reciprocity, optic gaming vs. Evil geniuses, uyu vs. Luminosity, faze clan vs gen g. We are in the beginning of week 8, in a 12 week series. Optic gaming is at the top of the standings with 11 wins, in division b 100 thieves and eunited are tied up with wins and losses, we will have plenty of time to see changes in the standings as the weeks continue.

Ncaa has decided to step away from esports.

The notoriously money hungry ncaa has decided not to host, support, promote, or participate in any esports on the collegiate level. Not to worry, my future college graduates, there's plenty of tournaments and championships being held on college campuses without the help of the ncaa… it’s funny to me, an organization like the ncaa wouldn’t jump at the chance to make an extra buck off of the backs of college students, especially in such a fast growing industry. For now, you can be paid to play by a team, if you’re good enough, but you cannot gain a scholarship or be considered an athlete of your college or university in the esports arena. I have no doubt in my mind once the ncaa starts seeing those dollar signs they’ll come around,

for those of you in the league of legends world, you might get an opportunity to play some collegiate league of legends even sooner, as their own collegiate leagues have already spun up to some success. The esports observer is reporting that, according to a source, riot games is creating a stand-alone governing body for collegiate lol esports. Said to be wholly owned and controlled by riot, the division is to be structured quite differently from the 13 pro leagues, such as the lcs and lec. One key feature appears to be an external advisory board, made up for college sports and higher education experts, the source claimed.

Still, this is set to be a monumental challenge for those parties involved, as in the traditional sports and esports world, you can solve most problems with more money, but in collegiate, that becomes less of a viable solution. Best of luck to riot for attempting to pioneer the way for the rest of us.

One of toronto’s biggest smash tournaments, get on my level, concluded yesterday which saw smash’s best compete in ultimate, melee, and 64.

Ultimate saw tsm tweek take it with his wario and roy, followed by pg marss with zero suit samus and ike, and rounding out third is pg esam with his pikachu.

{on cam}

melee saw fan favorite mang0 break his almost two year losing streak by knocking out the pikachu specialist tempo axe and leffen’s legendary fox to take the crown. The last time mang0 won a major was super smash con 2017 where he dominated jason “mew2 king” zimmerman in an extremely one sided grand final. Last but not least in smash 64 pg superboomfan took the gold with an eclectic mix of characters including, mario, jigglypuff, captain falcon, and yoshi. Rounding out the top 3 was tacos with donkey kong and yoshi, and fck josh brody with pikachu.

Next up, we got a new trailer for the new entry in the beloved samurai shodown franchise which breaks down some of the new gameplay and online features in the game. First we learned about the “rage gauge” which will fill up as you take damage and once it is completely full all of your moves will deal extra damage. But you can burn the entire meter to unleash your lightning blade ability which can deal massive damage that can turn the tables on your opponent before they can react. We also found out thanks to this new trailer that the story mode is actually a prequel to the original 1993 arcade title.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the game is the new dojo mode. While you practice and play story mode offline, the game will record all of your moves and habits to create a simulation of yourself that you can play against to improve your skills. This is huge for competitive play as it allows players to discover their own weaknesses before their opponent does. Not only that, you can upload your ghost data online for other players to fight against, and you can download other player’s ghosts as well, including your friends and pro players as well. Meaning you can test your skills against the pros anytime you want.

The game launches june 25th, and as a special thank you to players, snk will give everyone who purchases the game before june 3oth the season pass for the low, low price of free.

Attention duelists! In card games news, the yugioh trading card game has added a new rule to their official tournament documents, and it addresses the biggest issue most people who walk into a tournament venue will tell you about, the smell. According to the updated yugioh tournament policy guidelines all players attending official konami sanctioned events are required to be clean and wear clean clothing. Which means, if you or your clothes smell bad, you will be unable to participate in the event. This goes with many other large tournaments for many different games adding similar rules to their events to encourage a cleaner, better smelling environment. Which is something i think everyone can agree on and be happier about.

Fans of the arika fighting game fighting ex layer will have to wait a little bit longer until they can get their hands on the game’s next dlc character.

The next planned free character, the armored tech girl area. She was planned to be released by the end of this month, but the team at arika stated that her development had hit a snag according to president and ceo, akira nishitani nee she tani in a recent video update. Nishitani stated that her release has been pushed back to june or july, while also saying it could be possible she may not show up at all. Nishitani said this would be very rude to the character’s voice actor if this ended up being the case, and they would that the team would try their best to release her as soon as possible, but cannot give a definitive date at this time.

King of fighters, // they have other games small

in other overwatch news, we’ve got the overwatch anniversary event starting today. We’ve already got two new skins announced, with academy d.Va and win-stone, which have been announced already. Events in the past have unlocked time limited skins for players to earn once again, and as of the time of this filming, we haven’t seen any official announcement just yet, though we’re still waiting for event to drop at some point later today. My fingers crossed that they bring back those coveted olympic skins.

If you are looking for a fun and spooky time at the theater this weekend you might want to check out brightburn. Produced by james gunn, the director of the guardians of the galaxy series, brightburn is a dark twist on the origin of superman. While not directly based on dc’s man of steel, the similarities are not by accident. Brightburn asks the question about what would happen if that alien baby who crash landed in smallville, kansas wasn’t the savior of humanity, but instead a creepy psycho child that would give damien from the omen a run for his money. Brightburn was the first project of gunn’s to be revealed after being fired from marvel for some off color decades old tweets, before bringing him back on to finish his guardians of the galaxy trilogy and direct volume 3.

In splatoon 2 news, the latest splatfest came to an end which had players vote on which form of science fiction transportation was better, time travel or teleportation. Teleportation came out as the clear winner with 58 percent of the vote before winning both gameplay points giving team marina the win over team pearl. Splatoon 2 is nearing the end of its life cycle with developer support, content additions, and splatfests all coming to an end very soon, with its last major tournament taking place at e3 this year in june.

Lastly, some news from capcom that might be good news for fighting game fans. After the huge success of both the resident evil 2 remake and devil may cry v, capcom stated in a recent financial briefing that they have “numerous” titles in development using the re engine, which powered both those games as well as resident evil 7. While no specifics were given, it isn’t hard to imagine a future where capcom may utilize the re engine in their next fighting game. For the first time in years we have no idea what capcom’s plans are for its fighting game portfolio. Marvel vs. Capcom infinite was a bust and the last new character for street fighter v was kage, introduced in december and there has been no news on an upcoming season of content. Many have suspected that 2019 will be street fighter v’s final competitive year, and with a new generation of consoles on the horizon, it wouldn’t be surprising to see capcom embrace the new generation hand in hand with the re engine to produce its next big fighting game.

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