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Updated: Apr 16, 2019

In our coverage today we’ll be covering the new alcatraz battle royale map for black ops 4, starcraft, rainbow six league pro league preview, call of duty world league results, overwatch update announcement, and to round off the show we’ll preview the lec round 2 playoffs.

Big news in the battle royale scene for black ops 4, a new map has been released and it changes the game entirely.

With the new map, a new set of rules came into play. Now instead of a regular drop ship jump, you will now spawn into the map via randomly generated portals. The biggest difference in this new map, respawns are now a thing. Instead of being downed and out for the game, you can respawn about 5 times before being out in this new map. The developers of the this new map now emphasize the strategy of lockdown, where you hold your position and defend against other teams within a certain building. This new map now encourages close range combat and so far, the change to close range has been well received. The map update is already available on ps4, but will be release on april 9th for pc and xbox.

In the starcraft world, the global starcraft league, code s, wrapped up their first round of the semifinals yesterday, with the protoss classic challenging the zerg dark. Though classic was the underdog, he seemed poised to take the series with some fast paced and early play against dark, going 3 and 1 in the first four games, but dark managed to download classic’s gameplan and evened up the series, tying things up at 3-3.

It all came down to one final ace match for round. Classic returned toward his aggression once again, but this time, tempered it, with a 2 base immortal stalker push. Dark had the answer with a roach ravager defense, but it seemed as if classic was emotionally attached to his units, as ever single caustic bile that dark fired was dodged by classic’s near impeccable footsies. Slowly but surely, dark had to give up ground, first sacrificing his drones, then his 3rd, before making a desperate last stand at his natural that crumbled to the stalker and immortal assault. Classic took the series, 4-3.

This is classic’s first gsl final in 4 years and 9 months, and could very well be one of his last, considering his age and the incoming mandatory military service. In his post-game interview, even he seemed surprised that he won, almost in shock, despite the obvious preparation he’d put into the event. His opponent will be determined on saturday, when current 3 time gsl champion maru will take on the newcomer of trap, who’s currently in his first top four finish ever. This match is set to begin on saturday in seoul at 1pm kst, or friday midnight est. 11:59 pm, friday, that midnight.

Moving onto the rainbow six siege pro league the european league returns this week and the schedule looks full of action and things are heating up as we’re getting into the final weeks. All eyes will be on g2 esports and team empire, with the league almost ending their regular seasons, the two finalist of the invitational are expected to come out on top, but other teams are looking to take the top spot.

On friday april 5th, the day will start of with penta sports taking on team empire, then g2 will face off against team secret, and then at the end of the day mousesports will close it off with lestream esports, these matches will answer all questions heading to the end of the season.

For the second day of the second cross divisional matches, teams were looking to continue their win record or bounce back from their losses.

On the first match of the day, optic gaming took on denial esports. After optic’s victory in the last day, they looked to be the strongest team in this division and with denial esports trying to jump back from their loss. Although the set was close, optic gaming closed it out with a 3-2 score.

After their 3-0 loss to 100 thieves, reciprocity are looking for their first win in the cross divisional match.

Team reciprocity met enigma6 in the next match and with both teams coming in strong, it was a pretty close set with them taking it to the final game and with reciprocity pushing enigma6 up against the wall and kept them there for the remainder of the match and took the series in a close 3-2 win.

For the final match of the day, gen.G challenged splyce and after both of them winning their first match, they want to keep their streak rolling.

Unlike the previous game, this match was clean cut and we had a clear winner in only 4 games, splyce was able to take 1 game. But their opponents manage to go in and take the set in a clear 3-1 victory as gen.G move up to continue their streak.

Call of duty returned today, at 3pm, gen.G and enigma6 will open the final day of the cross division matches, afterwards midnight and denial esports will go head to head. Then to round up the day 100 thieves will face optic gaming.

Quick announcement for overwatch players, jeff kaplan hinted a new update for the game coming soon though there is no official date or any hints on what it’ll be about, we just ask you to take with a grain of salt.

That’s it for today’s coverage, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel on youtube for the latest update in the esports world.

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