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Wizards Gaming lost over magic gaming, 55 to 79

Pistons Gaming lost to Raptors uprising GC 47 to 56

Grizz Gaming lost to the Timberwolves 73 to 68

Celtics crossover Gaming won over Net SGC 73 to 39

Knicks gaming kicked lakers Gaming 61 to 50

76ers GC vs Hawks Talon GC ended 68 to 56 76ers

Happening right now, Heat vs. Warriors Gaming

Tomorrow’s games will be

Celtics vs pacers

Knicks vs Mavs

T wolves vs Blazers

Raptors Uprising Bucks Gaming

Magic Gaming vs Kings Guard Gaming

Crus Legion GC vs Jazz Gaming

Jazz has been a serious contender winning many games over my beloved Warriors but the turn around is happening. Jazz is 6th in the standings with 3 & 2, warriors gaming squad just behind in 7th, 3 & 2, I think this standing comes down to points, and hopefully the turn around tomorrow can bring my Warriors back up.

Tomorrow the last day of our turn Tournament, will happen and the games are not yet announced.

RLCS Regional Championship

This weekend, the top six teams in the North American and European regions of the Rocket League Championship Series will compete in regional tournaments to secure their place in the RLCS World Championship. With 500,000 still on the line , the competition is fierce.

we’ve got some interesting battles amongst some of the top teams playing out there. Last year we saw a lot of coverage and success for Dignitas, and this year the chatter has been consistent but not for the same reasons, the have suffered massive drops and To secure their spot they need to carry a clean momentum of 2-0, this is without any extra lives and some very tough competition.

NRG are heavy favorites to win the North American tournament, having gone undefeated in league play for the second time in team history. They dropped only six games across their seven matches and their explosive teamwork won NRG players GarretG and jstn first and second place in the goals-per-game rankings.

G2 is very close behind in the standing,

A fan favorite Cloud9’s sits and 3rd place in the NA division.

Over in Europe Vitality has been the team to beat.

NRG Esports tore through League Play and are currently the only RLCS roster in Europe and North America without a match loss.

Playstation State of Play

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer - confirmed episodic release

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn

MediEvil - to release Oct 2019

Predator: Hunting Grounds for 2020

Riverbond Trailer - voxel art dungeon crawler

All digital

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