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Taking a look at esports, we’re talking about the completed starcraft 2 gsl super tournament, recapping the pubg face it global summit, talking about the csgo dreamhack rio de janeiro, before taking a look at dota 2’s esl one mumbai, and finally, talking the madden 2019 last chance qualifiers.

from there, we’re looking at last night’s rainbow 6 league results from north america, recapping the counter strike’s esl pro league in up to group c in europe and north america, looking at week 2 of the nba 2k league. For the last of our esports coverage, we’re taking a look at some upcoming events, in the fortnite world cup and the recently announced creative competition, and then the madden bowl 2019, plus some sneak peaks at iem sydney 2019, esl one in burmingham, and the next dreamhack masters, in dallas.

From there, we’ll be talking about news in the gaming sphere, looking at the new discless xbox one, celebrating the 30th anniversary for the nintendo gameboy, talking about the release of mortal kombat 11 and some of its aspirations to become a competitive fighting game, looking at street fighter 5’s competition, before looking at how ubisoft is helping the notre dame restoration efforts.

Starting things off, the starcraft 2 gsl super tournament saw its conclusion this past weekend

intended as a fun, four day tournaments, 16 of the best starcraft 2 players stacked up in one entertaining tournament, that is, if you’re a fan of the protoss. Of the 16 players, 9 were protoss, with only 2 terrans, and 5 zergs. After the first round of play, however, all zerg’s and one of the two terran’s had been eliminated, leaving a protoss shaped hole in the standings. Champion maru of the prior weekend’s gsl code s was eliminated early against stats, so eyes turned to code s runner up in classic, and he delivered in a big way, by soaring through the standings to advance to the grand finals.

This series, though somewhat similar to last week’s maru vs classic grand finals, saw many late game clashes, as opposed to focusing on classic’s early aggression, with game one going to classic in a huge 20 minute match. Game 2 was relatively quick, comparatively, with a 12 minute win towards classic, as his protoss mech came out superior to gumiho’s own terran mech strategy. Gumiho found himself pressed by classic’s comfort in the late game, so gumiho opened game 3 with an aggressive push, timed around marines with upgrades and a few tanks, but classic, hot off his grand finals just a week prior, found an excellent adept stalker blink to dash in and remove the backbone of gumiho’s threat. With gumiho’s tanks gone, gumiho committed to the all in, pulling his scv’s cross map for the hail mary, but classic was able to hold the line, and advanced to match point, at 3 and zero.

Game 4, like our earlier matches in the series, went the distance, with a spectacular 21 minute clash of battlecruisers and thor’s vs classic’s tempests and carriers, and though classic had built correctly, gumiho found a spectacular battlecruiser warp to cut off classic’s retreat, forcing him to stand his ground until his army was wiped out. Ultimately, classic couldn’t recover, and tapped out of game 4.

With gumiho finally on the board, classic realized it was time to stop toying with his food and went on the offensive with a 10 minute timing all in, and swiftly bowled over gumiho’s defenses, causing the gg, and claiming the first place victory.

Looking at pubg, this weekend also saw the first international premiere event of 2019, with the face it global summit.

The tournament featured 24 teams from all across the globe, fighting for their cut of the 400,000 dollar prize pool. Split across three groups, the top 8 from the initial 24 advanced to the grand finals, with the remaining 16 going to the elimination round, with the top 8 of that second half getting a second chance, by qualifying to the grand finals with the initial top 8. From there, the remaining 16 teams played 12 rounds, and it was an all-out brawl.

At the end of the grand finals, it was team op gaming rangers who walked away with the lion’s share, at 101 total points. Just behind them was team shoot to kill, who flew out of the group stage in such a big way, at 97 points, and in third place, team liquid, tied with ogn entus force, at 86 points apiece, and team liquid winning the points tiebreaker. Of note, op gaming, shoot to kill, and team liquid were all very close in kills, at 58 and 59 kill points, but it was op gaming ranger’s consistent high place points that gave them the advantage they needed to secure the first prize. Big kudos to armory gaming in fifth place, at 61 kill points, for a standout series of games, though as we all remember, it’s consistency that wins tournaments in battle royales.

Looking now at cs:go, the dreamhack rio de janeiro also took place this weekend in, you guessed it, rio de janeiro.

Here, competitors were looking for their cut of 100,000 dollars, and the competition was fierce. While generally a smaller scale tournament, we still saw some compelling matches, with furia esports and avangar finding themselves in the finals. Hilariously, though the two teams started out of group a, because of the double elimination in groups format, furia, who dropped their first game, was strong enough to climb out of that initial deficit to claim a spot in the playoffs, alongside avangar. Though they were on opposite side of the bracket, the best of three went the distance, but it was avangar who closed out with the series win, 50,000 dollars richer.

Our final completed event of the weekend saw dota 2’s esl one in mumbai. Featuring eight teams, this weekend’s tournament featured a group stage that had some stellar action the whole way through, with team team and keen gaming as the powerhouses to emerge from their groups, and na’vi and mineski taking the second upper brack spots off the decider matches.

Where keen gaming had looked so dominant in groups, advancing without dropping a single game, once they entered the playoffs stage, there were swiftly knocked down in a 2-1 series by na’vi into the lower bracket.

After another brush with death against the pango, keen gaming flew through the lower bracket, 2-0’ing against tnc predator and na’vi to advance to the grand finals to match up against mineski. Mineski, on the other hand, struggled to clear groups to advance to the upper bracket, but once on top, they stayed there, defeating the (until that point undefeated team team) in a 2-0 match, before bringing down na’vi, who had just defeated keen gaming. In the grand finals, however, it was keen gaming who kept up their fighting spirit the longest, taking a swift 3-0 against minseki, and heading home with a bonus 135,000 dollars in their pockets.

While that covers the events that wrapped up this weekend, lets take a look at some of the tournaments that haven’t quite reached their conclusions just yet and are still ongoing. First, let’s look at yesterday evening’s rainbow 6 siege north america results.

Yesterday saw the final week of north american play, and last week already saw the two spots to milan get locked down. Both evil geniuses and dark zero have already secured their tickets to milan for the next level of rainbow 6 competition, and though they both played yesterday, it seems as if darkzero was the team that was most taking it seriously.

Excelerate.Gg challenged and defeated evil genius 7-5, though eg have already advanced to the next competition. After, rise nation took on dark zero, and dark zero proved why they’re number one in the standings, taking the win, 7 to 5. Finally, in our last match of the regular season, reciprocity brought their game to spacestation gaming.

Up next, we’re going to take a look at the complete groups a, b, and c, of csgo’s pro league, which resumes with the beginning of group d, later today.

First up, let’s start with group b in north america, in which team liquid advanced to the finals, alongside ghost gaming and complexity gaming moving on to round 2. Lazarus esports, by their 0 and 3 results, are eliminated. In group c, luminosity gaming is advancing, with mibr and cloud9 moving on to round 2, and team envy facing elimination. Team liquid and luminosity will be joining nrg esports in the grand finals, and by the end of the 25th, we’ll have our final advancee from the latin american group. Of course, our other teams in round 2 will get another chance to compete for those final 2 spots, so not all hope is lost just yet.

In europe, faze clan is advancing on to the finals, with teams heroic and devils. One moving on to round 2 of group b, with ninjas in pyjamas eliminated. Of group c, g2 esports is advancing, with na’vi and fnatic moving on to round 2, and windigo gaming eliminated. Group d also starts later today, with longtime favorites astralis finally getting a chance to show us if they’ve recovered from their blast pro miami results.

Moving on, we’ve got a look at the nba 2k league that wrapped up its second week on the 19th.

As it stands, pacers gaming are currently tied with mavs gaming for first place, both at 3 wins and zero losses apiece. From there, its netsgc and 76ers gc who round out the 100% win rate on the bracket, with 2 and 1 win apiece. Bucks gaming are securely in fifth, at 3 wins and 1 loss, before 4 more teams compete, all tied up for that middle of the pack. Currently, we’re just about to get into week 3 of 12, so there is still a lot of progress that needs to be seen for this nba 2k bracket, but we’ll be keeping tabs on any important happenings or shifts on this esport over the remainder of the season.

Our final ongoing event was the close of the madden 2019 last chance qualifier.

While the qualifiers have wrapped up this past weekend, they decided the final two players for the upcoming madden 2019 bowl. Our final two players are someserious92 and nfl_sixth_sense. Someserious had a strong showing, defeating his opponent in a 20-10 score overall, but in our second matchup, we saw a thrilling comeback, in which sixth_sense started down in his first half, at 17-6, but somehow found the strength to go even further beyond, finishing his second half with a win at 30-20 points. Even more exciting was the fact that some of you watching traditional television (who watches regular tv any more?) might have seen some of these games, as they were broadcast on espn 2 on sunday. Of course, these qualifiers are just to set up for the madden bowl, set to take place on april 25 and running through april 27th in redwood city, california. The 16 players there, including our two last qualifiers, will fight for a cut of a 200,000 dollar prize pool.

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