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Let’s get into it. Yesterday's hearthstone world championship competition concluded this past weekend, with one million dollars being divided between 16 players. Top placing winners of the multi day championship were bunnyhopper (germany) and jing (china) who tied it up at 3rd place walking away with 100,000 dollars. Viper (germany) came in 2nd taking home 150,000, and finally our hearthstone champion was hunterace of Norway winning the grand prize of 250,000 in a 3-2 match. His opponent in the finals, viper, had a massive tournament, going 2-1 in groups, before going to game 5 in quarters, semis, and the grand finals. Hunterace had a slightly easier time, going 2-1 in his group c, before a 3-1 quarters and another 3-1 semis match. This is hunterace’s first premier tournament win, and though he’s placed well in the past, we’ll have to see if this is a one-off tournament win for him.

As most of you were probably still snuggled up in bed or perhaps getting your last few Fortnite limited time avenger battles in, the folks at starcraft 2 gsl code s season 2 were battling it out. Last night saw impact and gumiho advance out of their groups, with impact at 2-0 and gumiho at 2-1, with trust and zest falling down and being eliminated. The morning before, we had our first group, where patience and innovation advanced, with patience at 2-0 and innovation advancing at 2-1.

Also, in that group is four time GSLl code s champion Maru, who won his first game, but then lost his second against patience, then lost the tie breaker match against innovation. With those two losses, Maru has been eliminated from the tournament at the earliest stage possible, which opens up a new possibility for a code s champion, and has already shaken up the entire tournament.

Another game that went underway last night was the CS:GO iem sydney, officially kicking off today, last night we saw groups a and b face off. In group a we had team liquid face boot-dream{s}cape, mouse sports face big, ninjas in pyjamas face eunited and finally mvp pk vs. The renegades.

Faze challenged chiefs in the first game of group b, taking the win 16-5, then nrg defeated vici gaming at 16 - 4. After that, fnatic took their win against heroic at 16 to 7, and finally in group b, mibr went 16 - 11 against grayhound. It’s important to note that both groups are set up as their own double elimination style bracket, so the teams that have been defeated aren’t out yet, and the teams that won still have two more opponents to go through before they’re in the clear to advance to the playoffs.

in group a, team liquid opened up the event against boot-dreamscape, with team liquid taking the series win at 16-9, then big challenged mouz in a David vs goliath match - except this time, goliath brought sunglasses, big defeats mouz 16-14. Ninjas in pyjamas defeated eunited at 16-3, and finally in group a, renegades defeated mvp pk at 16-13.

We also got a preview of the first lower bracket of group a, where boot-dreamscape challenged the other losers of mouz, defeated and eliminating them completely from the competition, then mvp defeated and eliminated other losers in eunited. From there, we returned to uppers, where team liquid took a 2-0 map win against big, at 16-7 and 16-3, then ninjas in pyjamas took their own 2-0 against renegades, at 16-4 on nuke and a closer 16-12 on mirage.

CSGO iem sydney is offering a grand prize of 100,000 dollars to the winning team, of a total 250,000-dollar prize pool, and is set to see its semis on may 4th, and the grand finals on may 5th.

May the 4th be with all you teams out there competing in Sydney. Turning our attentions across the sea and many continents away, the Dota 2 Paris major will be kicking off on May 4th.

The Paris major will be kicking off later this week and we have some heavy hitters on the lineup. Opening matches for group a will be virtus.Pro vs. Team team, and keen gaming vs. Team liquid. Group b will open with team secret vs team empire and ninjas in pyjamas vs. Chaos esports. In group c vici gaming will face off pain gaming, and psg.Lgd will take of mineski. Finally, in group d we have evil geniuses vs complexity gaming and fnatic vs. Origen.

It’s important to note the bracket format in the Paris major, so far 16 teams have qualified through the regional qualifies, three teams from Europe, china and north American and two teams from cis, southeast asia and south america. May 4th-5th players will be participating in the group stage. Sixteen teams are divided into four groups of four teams each, the top two teams will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs and the bottom two teams will advance to the lower bracket of the playoffs, all games are best of best of 3. This is looking to be one monster of a dota 2 tournament, with no eliminations until at least the 6th.

The playoffs will be held may 6th - may 12th and here’s where it gets a little tricky, the 16 teams will play in a double-elimination format, with the final four days being in front of a live crowd. Eight teams begin in the upper bracket, eight in the lower bracket and all games except for the grand finals and lower bracket round 1 are best of 3. The lower bracket round 1 is a best of 1 for elimination, and of all the series, only the grand finals is a best of 5. And, with a total prize pool of 1 million dollars, i am excited to see how it goes. May the 4th be with all of you.

Alongside the celebration of star wars day later this week, pubg will also be returning. This comes just after the European league’s return, which took place earlier this morning. Today’s matches are for the pubg European league’s kick-off cup, where the premiere pel teams will take on the top 16 of the pel contenders, the division just below the premier league. First place will walk home with 50,000 dollars in their pockets, and we get to see how even the playing field is between the two competitive leagues. We’ll keep you updated on the standings to the pel kick-off cup as it continues, and provide coverage of the north america’s npl, the national pubg league, when it kicks off on Star Wars day. Tune into the esports channel for all the updates.

That won’t be all of the esports happening this week! Tomorrow, the league of legends mid season invitational will kick off with its group stages. Riot games’ events have long been the gold standard for esports competitions, and now that we’re at the first big international event of the year, most league fans can’t wait to see how the regions stack up in the beefy tournament. Also starting wednesday, we’ll get return of the nba 2k league, which is about to enter its fourth week. We’re getting a clearer and clearer look at the standings as more games are being played, and are starting to see some real clarity as more time passes. We’ll be bringing you our preview of the upcoming week of games and our teams to watch tomorrow.

Similarly, the fifa eleague lqe may will see it’s own start later this week, again, on may 4th. The day after, we’ll see the close to the baku qualifiers for the formula 1 esports series, and we’ll be covering those results as they conclude.

Earlier this weekend, we saw the conclusion to the wow mythic west cup 3, and we’ll be bringing those results in tomorrow’s episode of the hud, alongside a preview of the upcoming east cup 3 set to take place this friday and saturday. Finally, we’ll preview the paladins premier league 2019, which is set to resume on may 2nd with it’s 6th week of play. Of course, we’ll also be filling in any other surprise esports and gaming news that you hope to hear as well, so keep it tuned to tomorrow’s daily hud for more. But that’s our coverage for today, don’t forget to like and subscribe, and please send us your favorite memes and star wars puns for this saturday's upcoming holiday.

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