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Updated: Apr 16, 2019

In our coverage today we’ll be covering the results for the lec round 2 playoff matches, the lcs semi-final results, overwatch stage 2 week 1 results, and some rainbow six siege starcraft 2 and pubg.

Starting off with some league action, the lec has their round 2 matches for their playoff run. Fnatic and splyce started off the weekend and with the favorites in the series being fnatic, everyone wondered if a certain champion would be play a huge role in this game.

In the first match of the day, fnatic and splyce gaming came in strong with both aggressive picks, but on fnatic side, the karthus jungle made its way out yet again. Though splyce came prepare and banned kayle from being a winning factor for fnatic. In the early game, splyce busted through the lanes and started picking off members of fnatic. The game stayed on splyce side,

until the 23 minute mark, a dragon fight ensued with the dragon being secured by fnatic, the fight stayed on fnatic’s side taking down two splyce members and heading for a baron pick up. As fnatic take the baron, splyce jumped in and eliminated 4 of the baroned up members of fnatic for the cost of two of their members.

Then at the 35 minute mark, a river teamfight broke out with rekkles on a rampage, 4 splyce members were eliminated at the end of the fight.

Then finally at 36 minutes, fnatic rushed down the splyce base and closed out the game with a 13-11 score.

With the first game now under fnatic’s belt, the question being asked in game 2 is if splyce can bounce back with a new strategy.

For the second game, fnatic brought out the kayle and also the cho’gath, splyce brought out the sion, ryze, and skarner picks. In the early game splyce once again came out strong and brought the battle to fnatic holding down lanes and picking off kills to strength the lead.

For the rest of early to mid game, splyce put the dominant hold fnatic, slowly draining them off their resources. Splyce continued to pick the members of fnatic.

It was up until the 21 minute mark where fnatic finally were able to fight back in a jungle team fight, the kayle came into play with a double kill and rekkles also picking up a few kills.

As the match went back and forth into the mid game, but the bleeding for fnatic unfortunately did not stop and at the 33 minute mark after a final decisive team fight, splyce took the nexus and tied the series 1-1 going into game 3.

With game 2 now in the books for splyce, it wasn’t too hard to think fnatic can easily bounce back from this, but now since the kayle pick ended in a loss, what other strategy did fnatic have?

In champ select for the 3rd game, splyce actually rebanned the kayle pick still showing fear over the power of this champ. But fnatic was able decided to go more an aggressive comp with jarvan and lissandra, with a surprise pick from rekkles with the vayne. In the start of the match, splyce tried to keep their momentum from their second match, but fnatic took back the lead and showed them that they were in control.

After fnatic took the wheel of the match at the 15 minute and 36 second mark, splyce tried to initiate a 3 versus 2 fight but the fight went south and turned towards fnatic ending with a 3-0 and a tower trade.

For the rest of the match, fnatic kept the lead, but that didn’t mean splyce were out for the count just yet, as the game was dragged out until the 40 minute where fnatic put the final in the game 3 coffin and took the nexus via back door.

For the last game, its doe or die for splyce. Fnatic kept their momentum going for game 4, the question is can splyce dig up whatever they have left.

For the 4th game of the day, fnatic were looking to put down splyce for good. The champ select was expected with both teams bringing out aggressive comps.

With fnatic leading the charge through the entire game, the powerhouse in them kept splyce pushed back, despite their efforts to bring the match back on their side.

The match stayed one sided for the side of fnatic, with one final fight they were able secure their spot for the semi finals.

Before we move on, a quick recap of the second match of the lec play offs, g2 defeated origen in a 3-0 victory. G2 will move on to the finals and origen will face fnatic in the semi finals.

The lec play off will continue on saturday with fnatic and origen then on sunday g2 will face the winner for the championship.

Taking a break from league action right , the starcraft gsl code s saw its second semi final last night, with teammates maru and trap.

Maru, the current 3 time code s champion of 2018, looked indomitable as ever, winning the entire best of 7 on only four games, and in what was nearly record time at that, with all four matches totalling a whopping 42 minutes. Each game was swift and brutal, and maru didn’t pull any punches against his teammate. We here at esc were expecting at least some sort of competition, considering the two players were probably scrimming with each up in the days and weeks leading up to this game, but maru was on a completely different level, finding spectacular bio and siege timings in every game, striking just hard enough to cripple trap, before pulling back to bolster his forces for the final blow. Despite maru, trap, the commentators, and everyone else in the audience knowing what was going to happen, time and again, maru’s sheer ruthlessness dismantled trap. What makes it even more compelling is that maru never overextended, and in 42 minutes of gameplay, made only one choice that can be construed as a mistake, and even then, only in the context of trap’s desperation, when in game 4, trap was able to find a decent opportunity to push back into maru’s base and do some minor damage, but maru still rebounded like it was nothing, and closed the series out just a few short minutes later.

All in all, we’re now set for a protoss vs terran final with classic challenging the reigning champion maru on april 14th at 4 am edt, or 5pm korean standard. Will classic be able to upset the current champion, in his first final after over four years? Or will maru’s dominance continue?

Looking towards pubg next, this weekend saw the final set of matches to close out phase 1 of the european league. For anyone that’s even glanced at the standings in the past week, there’s been a pretty clear leader in ence, and we’ve gotta say, it wasn’t even close.

Ence closed out their phase 1 with a whopping 496 points, of which, 321 were from kills. That means across the 60 matches in phase 1, they earned 321 kills, averaging 5.35 kills per game. Special shoutout to rustanmar who closed his season with 101 kills. This is not a guy you want to be dropping against.

Just behind ence, team liquid took second place, maintaining their position in the standings from week 2, though g2 esports dropped down to 5th place overall, as ninjas in pyjamas and surprise upcomers winstrike found their momentum towards the end of the season, as they found 5 second place finishes and 2 chicken dinners. Of note, their first game of the four day weekend had winstrike as the second team eliminated with zero kills on the board, netting them zero kills and zero points, but somehow, from being the second to the bottom, winstrike found their inner fire, and took the entire pel by storm, launching from 10th place at the end of week 2, all the way up to fourth place, by the end of week 3. Now that’s a comeback.

Pubg esports isn’t done just because europe is closed out, with the pubg face it global summit kicking off on april 16.

The top four teams from each of the major regions are sending their best and brightest to compete at one of the highest levels of pubg competition there is, as this tournament is set to give us a preview of who’s who in 2019, and which regions to watch for when the pubg global championships will swing around later this year in november. With winstrike from europe locking down their spot to the global summit, we’ve got all 24 teams locked in for this summit, so keep tuned to pubg esports on april 16th for the best and brightest that pubg has to offer.

Moving back to some league actions, the lcs has finished off their semi final round and we’re here to look at the match that everyone at the edge of their seats. Before we get started on the cloud 9 and team solo mid game, team liquid and flyquest faced off and team liquid took the set in a full out 3-0 victory. Team liquid will now head to finals for the third consecutive year

for the match we all wanted to see, the rivalry of tsm and cloud 9 came out in its full fruition, the matches between these two where something to remember. Cloud 9 came in confident with their perfect streak against tsm.

During champ select the picks that came out were a bit different than we expected , sneaky and zeyzal brought 2 picks that havent been seen on the lcs recently with the sona and taric pick. In the start of the match both teams were watching each other, before tsm’s bot lane made the first move, nisqy from c9 answered back with a kill of bjergsen but akaadian took down nisqy for a 2 - 1 trade

it was back and forth all through the early game and it was looking to go on tsm’s favor until a rift herald fight turn the tide towards c9.

At the 18 minute mark, the rift herald fight ended in sneaky stealing the objective and taking down the tsm jungler. With that fight, it allowed cloud 9 to keep making moves against tsm.

At the 26 minute mark, cloud 9 moved onto the baron, with tsm hot on their tail. C9 secured the baron buff with a kill secure on bjergsen, smoothie, and sven to have cloud 9 look for the win. Closing out the game with a 5-11 finish, c9 started the series with a 1-0 score.

With game 1 now in the bag for cloud 9, the expectations were starting to come true with tsm losing to cloud 9, but of course this was only game 1 and the only remaining question for tsm, can they bounce back?

In champ select we see the other half of the angel sisters, morgana for nisqy. She isn’t as reworked as kayle, but she was spiced up a bit. For about 7 minutes into the game, everything went as normal with both teams just waiting to make the first move, tsm attempted to grab an early dragon only to have taken away by the cloud 9 morgana.

At 13 minutes, tsm decided on another dragon capture with cloud 9 in the area. Akaadian initiated a team fight that went sour when all but 1 tsm member eliminated it brought the lead towards cloud 9 with a mid tower push and a cloud drake secured.

Close to the 23 minute mark, tsm and cloud 9 meet in a decisive jungle fight where the game was determined who would officially take the lead. Akaadian again force an initiation that went south almost instantly and tsm had no choice but to commit until they lost 2 members and retreated, this opened the door to cloud 9 taking the baron away and moving in to close the game.

Finally close to the 27 minute mark, cloud 9 pushed through the base through strategic teleports and close out the game with a kill score of 11 - 4 and reaching game point with a 2-0 series score.

After that huge exciting game, cloud 9 had the series in the bag. Team solomid were at game point and its do die for them and their playoff dreams, they had to kick it into high gear.

With tsm now on game point, bjergsen was made the automatic flex pick with the akali pick. With everything riding on this one match, a jayce and an akali comp were the desperate picks that tsm probably needed. Tsm brought the fight to cloud 9 in the early parts of the match hoping to sway the series momentum to their side. Of course cloud 9 wasn’t going down without a fight and it even though tsm was holding them they were able to keep the match from swaying over to tsm.

It was until the 30 minute mark, where the game finally turned over. A jungle fight was brewing on the side of cloud 9, but tsm’s burst and poke melted their health bars and the fight turned nasty when bjergsen cleaned up the bleeding c9 and with the help of his team 4 members were eliminated and the momentum officially swung onto tsm.

2 minutes later into the match another team fight ensued in the mid lane with sneaky getting caught and melted down, though the zilean ult and the tahm kench were able to keep him alive and once again bjergsen picked off sneaky and zeyzal and allowed his team to pick up 2 more kills with nisqy being the only member still standing.

And finally at 42 minutes the decisive team fight came out of tsm with each member picking off the healths of cloud 9 slowly, but it was only a matter of time before bjergsen came in and initiated the fight with all 5 cloud 9 members falling to tsm without casualties. Team solomid moved into the nexus to close out the game and put themselves on the board.

With the series now reaching breakpoint in excitement, it was still game point for tsm, but now the anticipation is shifting with cloud 9 finally dropping a game to tsm, all eyes are on tsm to either commit a reverse sweep or for cloud 9 to close out the series here.

Onto game 4, with tsm still in match point, the champ select was a little different than what we saw in the first 3 games. Cloud 9 has officially banned the jayce, akali, and a face we haven't seen played yet in the na side of the league, kayle. While on tsm’s side they banned out the morgana and taric and tahm kench. Like all the other games, both teams waited out into the laning phase, until one team made the first move and that team was tsm picking up first blood.

For a while tsm kept their hold on cloud 9 until they decided to fight back at 16 minutes into the game, they manage to initiate a team fight taking down broken blade and smoothie but the over commitment was a cost c9 could not pay and unfortunately they lost 3 members in that team fight giving tsm the win for the fight.

In the baron pit, cloud 9 decided for an all out baron assault. Team solomid caught wind of it and committed a team fight, taking the baron and eliminating 3 members of cloud 9 and set forth for the final push of the game.

Finally at the 25 minute mark, one last team fight called the game for team solomid. With the cloud 9 still bleeding from the baron fight, the final siege was too much for them losing 4 members and losing game 4 to tsm and setting game point for both teams.

Tsm taking cloud 9 to game point opened doors to opportunities for the team, but one game still stood in their way, one mistake was crucial for both teams.

With game 5 and match point for both teams, the champ select showed everything with and can be described with only a few words, it's all in and all out for both teams with their comps revolving around poke and initiation domination. For 13 minutes into the game it was pretty quiet, as quiet as cloud 9 and tsm can get, but a river fight finally broke out, the fight went back and forth with c9 eliminating 3 tsm members while losing 2 on their side.

At 26 minutes, both teams met in the mid lane and went for a fight and zeyzal made the first move and initiated. The fight was a bit messy but cloud 9 came out on top with a 2 for 0 trade.

After 10 minutes of game time, the 39 minute mark was the deciding factor for team solomid, they committed to an all out fight with their members baroned up, it was a huge fight ending with an ace and team solomid punching their tickets to have a date with team liquid in the playoff finals.

With both finalist now confirmed, the conclusion of the 2019 spring split will happen on saturday, april 13th at 4pm eastern time. This is a match for the ages and you won’t want to miss it.

That was a lot of league action but we’re not done with league just yet.

No we’re not, we still have the overwatch league, we’ll looking into sunday's game as both finalist of the stage 1 play offs were in this group and we’re looking to see how they performed.

Starting off the day, san francisco shock, the runner up for the stage 1 playoff finals took the guangzhou charge full force into the match up. It was no surprise seeing them come out strong after their previous performance, san francisco showed no signs of slowing down and only signs of improvement. With the strength they show now the question remains is how long they can keep their momentum rolling. The san francisco shock defeated the guangzhou charge 4 to 0.

For the second match of the day, we had london spitfire take on the atlanta reign.

With both teams having an even score in the standings, the matches we saw yesterday we’re far from even. London’s spitfire fury was the man of the show on the d.Va. Fans were a little disappointed with atlanta reign’s performance in this match, showing a little bit of weakness in the current standings with their weird swaps in substitutions and playstyle. Now it's time see how the roster will do without dafran now. The london spitfire defeated atlanta reign with a 4-0 victory.

For the final match of our overwatch league coverage, the vancouver titans looked to extend their undefeated streak.

They faced off against the hangzhou spark and with authority they showed why they were the number 1 team in the overwatch league. The titans did nothing to back off the spark team and without question proved that they can adapt to any change in the meta thrown by their opponents, questions rise up now where they’ll be heading in stage 2. The vancouver titans defeated the hangzhou spark in a 4-0 victory.

With week 1 of stage in the books, stage 2 will begin this thursday on april 11th at 7pm eastern time, starting off the day paris eternal and florida mayhem. New york excelsior take on the washington justice , and closing out the first day the vancouver titans will face off against seoul dynasty.

That’s it for today’s coverage, make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel and check back daily for your esports news.

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