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Updated: Apr 16, 2019

In our coverage today we’ll be covering the finals for lec and the lcs, then we’ll be looking into the esl pro league preview and the results of the first day of week 2 in the overwatch league and a preview for the rest of the weekend, previewing the rainbow six european matches today, fortnite world cup news,twitch rivals, and the rlcs week 2 preview, so let's get started.

Our first coverage of the day will take us to the conclusion of the lec playoffs and their interesting matches.

After the juggernaut match last week, we are expected to see some huge matches this weekend.

On saturday, we get round 3 of the lec or semi finals for anyone unfamiliar with the setup. Fnatic and origen are set to face off. Two giants are looking to go to the finals, fnatics objective is to be the top team again and take down g2 for them to be at the top of the standing. But with origen in their it'll be a battle to remember.

The lec semi finals will take place tomorrow at 11 am eastern time, the set will be a best of five and the winner of this match will meet g2 in the finals on sunday. We’ll be reporting the results on monday so mess em.

Continuing our league coverage, this saturday will be the conclusion of the lcs spring split, team liquid will meet tsm in a giant vs giant battle.

Thank you for taking the time so speak with us zirene, i’m sure it’ll be a exciting match up to see who raises up the north american cup. Don’t miss the conclusion of the lcs spring split this saturday at 4pm, we’ll be watching too to cover the game for you guys on monday.

Now let's talk some cs:go news. Tomorrow, the esl pro league season 9 debuts with a brand new qualifying system. In last season’s system, each team would play each other twice and the top 7 teams from the eu, the top 6 teams from na, and others from around the globe, would play in the esl pro league finals to compete for number one. This year though, the format is a bit different.

Each team has been placed in a group based on their esl cs:go world ranking system per their region. The group play is a bo3. The european league has 16 teams split into four groups, with the top teams from each of those groups automatically qualifying for the esl season 9 finals. The second and third place teams will go to a second round of groups to try and qualify. First and second place teams of those second groups will qualify for the remaining eu spots.

The new “america’s” region will be composed of 12 teams from north america, and 4 teams from south america.

The na teams will split into 3 separate groups while south america will get their own group. Similar to europe, the top team of each group will automatically qualify for the finals. Then, both the second and third place teams from the na and sa groups will combine into two groups to fight for the remaining spots. The difference between the european and the americas region is that only the first place teams from the second round of groups will qualify for the finals. Thus, as a team from na or sa, if you don’t get first in your initial group, it will be much harder to qualify in the second round.

In recent news, esl confirmed that luminosity will take the final vacant spot. The spot was vacant because rogue, the team that previously held their own spot in the league, had disbanded. The players msl and niko went to optic, sick went to complexity, and vice went to cloud9 as a trial player. Luminosity claiming the spot is controversial, seeing as luminosity was relegated to a lower league after their failure during esl pro league season 8. This controversy stems from the fact that two other teams, singularity and team furia, seemed to be obvious choices, with team singularity getting third place in the qualifying matches to get into the pro league and team furia winning the most recent season of the mountain dew league, aka the league before the esl pro league. Many fans are disappointed by luminosity placement, however we’ll have to wait and see if luminosity can perform well or if they will fail, as most fans predict.

Another important change is seeing the transition for the americas and the european region to play all of their matches on lan. This is a huge advantage for teams like team liquid and mibr, who are set to excel due to their voluminous lan event experience. Elsewhere, in oceania and asia, all games will be played online.

In addition, after the conclusion of the most recent major, there are a handful of new and changed rosters. One third of the eu teams and almost one half of the na teams have made roster changes and we hope to see how effectively the new rosters play. The first match of the esl pro league season 9 will be a battle of the danes with team “north” going against a brand new “optic gaming”. Those matches are set to start today, april 12th.

In the last of our csgo news, the “blast pro miami” also kicks off today. This event has a $250,000 prize pool with $125k going to first place the teams competing are astralis, navi, liquid, faze, mibr, and cloud9. This event, like all blast pro series events, only lasts two days with each team playing against every other in a round robin bo1 [best of one] system. The top two teams will play in a bo3 [best of three] grand final. The third place team gets to challenge any of the remaining teams in the blast pro standoff. These standoffs are 5 1v1 aim duels, in which the players on each team face off against each other with different guns. The first player to reach winning 7 rounds ends that “game,” and by the end of the standoff, whichever team that has the most rounds will be the winner, claiming a sweet bonus of $20,000. Who do you think is going to win the event? Leave your prediction in the comments below.

Elsewhere this weekend, the rocket league champions series returns with its second weekend of play, starting at 3pm eastern on saturday and running until 1 am, as rlcs covers north america, oceania, and europe. The european side of the league is set to return on sunday at noon eastern, running until the last game of the weekend at 4 pm. This weekend also marks the start of the oceania region play rounds. With the recent news of the rlcs and rocket league’s introduction of revenue sharing, teams in the rlcs should see more incentive to invest and grow both the league’s infrastructure and in the teams themselves.

Also starting this weekend is the twitchcon europe, in berlin on the 13th and 14th. While the convention isn’t specifically targeted at competitive events, twitchcon eu will feature the return of the twitch rivals event, in which we get the chance to witness some high level apex legends and league of legends action. The league of legends event is expected to be quite entertaining, but most eyes should be on the apex legends, as it is expected to echo the fornite format, in which players are given a window of time to queue up for a handful of games and try to earn as many points as possible. Apex still lacks the ability to spectate and create custom lobbies which makes creating tournaments of this nature difficult. Fortnite seems to have the capacity for custom lobbies and spectating, but is choosing to avoid a tournament format for their world cup online open qualifiers, and if apex is hoping to compete, they’ll have to overcome the massive financial backing that fortnite is currently boasting alongside the juggernaut player unknown’s battlegrounds, which currently has the most concrete battle royale in the market. Let’s see if apex can compete.

Turning our attention to fortnite, the fortnite world cup online opens starts tomorrow. Eligible players in each server region will compete to qualify for the fortnite world cup finals on their platform of choice. Globally, a 1 million dollar prize pool will be distributed. Each open will occur over two rounds of play during the weekend, with each server having their own respective tournament.

The format follows what we’re seeing out of apex legends (unless it’s apex following fortnite?). Instead of pitting players against each other, there will be a three hour time limit to play as many games as possible, to a limit of 10. In each game, you can earn points for kills and higher placement, and at the end of the 3 hour session, the top 3,000 players will advance to the online open finals on sunday. Sunday will follow a similar format, echoing that 3 hour session to play up to 10 matches and earn as many points as possible. As noted on epic games website, a small number of players, varying from 8 to 1 depending on your region, will then qualify for the world cup finals, but at the end of the day, the prize payout tiers will give players their share of 1 million dollars.

As this is week 1 of the online opens, this weekend will focus on solo play, with week 2 focusing on duos, and alternating every other weekend. Evens are solo play, odds are duos.

In this format, we’re interested to see if epic games will have some sort of broadcast to follow and support the online opens, as the current organized structure seems largely scattered. Apex suffers a similar problem with a lack of a user side spectate function and custom lobbies. Currently the only premiere battle royale to feature full functionality is pubg, and their esports scene is sitting with comfortable seasons in their live studio. Fortnite has the largest player base, by nature of being the first free to play battle royale to enter the ring, but still has a few esports juggernauts to contend with if it wants to be taken seriously, and scattering its regular weekly contests without any reliable viewing plan seems a bit risky. Fingers are crossed that it’ll be able to find a consistent platform and format soon.

Rainbow 6 siege pro league season 9 in asia pacific this weekend, prize pool 27,000, and dreamhack on april 20th, featuring 15,000 in prizes.

Next up we have the rainbow six siege european pro league, and this week we have a really exciting match up.

This week, we’ll be looking at one major matchup, both finalist from the rainbow 6 invitational are meeting in a head to head match. With both teams coming in with big momentum, this is a rematch everyone can’t wait to see, they will be the opening match of week 12.

The rainbow six siege pro league will start or have started already today with the schedule full of action.

To start the day, team empire will face off in a rematch with g2, then team chaos will take on lestream esports, next team navi will go up against team mouz and to close off the day, team secret and penta esports look to gain a win.

For our final coverage the overwatch league stage 2 week 2 have started yesterday, and the results weren’t surprising given the amount of strength this group had.

Starting off the day, paris eternal, took the florida mayhem full force into the match up. It was no surprise seeing them come out strong after their previous performance in the last week going 4-0 they showed no signs of slowing down. Though with this new momentum, questions on where they’ll be heading in stage 2 are still in the air. The paris eternal defeated the florida mayhem 3 to 1.

For the second match of the day, we had the new york excelsior take on the washington justice.

Few words can be said about this match, new york showed why they were a top team only to be rivaled by the vancouver titans, their strength only appear to get stronger and better as the weeks go by. The new york excelsior defeated washington justice with a 4-0 victory.

For the final match of our overwatch league coverage, the vancouver titans extended their undefeated streak in the standings.

They faced off against seoul dynasty and with authority they showed why they were the number 1 team in the overwatch league. The titans did nothing to back off the dynasty team, but seoul was able to get at least a round win off the titans, questions rise up now where they’ll be heading in stage 2. The vancouver titans defeated the seoul dynasty in a 3-1 victory.

Stage 2 will begin this continue on today at 7pm eastern time, starting off the day los angeles valiants going head to head with atlanta reign. Boston uprising will try to a win off hangzhou sparks , and closing out the second day the guangzhou charge will face off against san francisco shock.

Come visit us again on monday for more esports news.

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