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Updated: Apr 16, 2019

In our coverage today we’ll be covering the finale of the lec and lcs spring split, week 2 of the overwatch league, we’ll also be looking at the results of the recent week for rainbow 6 eu league and preview the na league, rocket league week 2, fortnite news, starcraft gsl code s, and for our final coverage, we attended the csgo tournament blast pro miami, we have a ton of information to give you guys, but before we begin, if we missed any tournaments or any games you want us to cover, let us know in the comment section or tweet to us, we would also like to announce our twitch channel, where we’ll be live streaming round tables, discussions from our previous shows, games and much much more, the link will be down in the description below. Finally, we know that our shows are getting longer and longer, and thats a good thing, because we want to cover all esports, even the farming simulator league. In turn, that means some of you will have to wait longer and longer before we talk about your esport of choice, so now, to ease navigation, we’re going to start including time stamps in the description below, so if you don’t want to hear about league of legends or overwatch league, you can skip right over and get to the news that matters most to you. Check all of that out in the description below, and in the meantime, let’s get to the action.

This past weekend the league of legends european scene has concluded their spring split and we got a lot of action this weekend.

Starting off the semi finals, fnatic and origen took to the stage. Fnatic were looking to get back on top to win their championship they’ve sought for so long and origen were looking for a revenge match against g2.

At the start of game 1, the momentum from both teams can be felt all through the venue, in champ select fnatic and origen had some interesting picks, with the kindred and sona on fnatic’s side and the karthus/blitzcrank on the side of origen. Without hesitation the match got underway with a jungle invade, origen manage to get first blood off of fnatic’s sion and took a quick lead.

At the 12 minute mark it showed origen still had the lead with a huge blitzcrank hook on fnatic’s kindred on the rift herald side of the river, that play turned into a team fight that fnatic were confident on winning, but unfortunately for them despite picking off two og members, fnatic lost 4 members and lost the fight.

At the 27 minute mark, origen kept their lead against fnatic and pushed up on the top side of the base and were engaged on by fnatic. Though no casualties came out on either side, origen were able to hold off the engage and pushed fnatic back, taking the top side inhibitor.

After the mid game went back and forth origen went for one final pushed into the enemies exposed nexus, a final fight broke out and fnatic did everything they could to hold off the attack but they just didn’t have the damage to do so. Origen took game one at 32 minutes with an 11-8 score.

With game 1 now under origen’s belt, the fnatic team is wondered whether or not their comp needed to change for a better and more damage playstyle.

Going into game 2 fnatic kept most of the same comp but brought a lil more of the engagement and damage they needed with the jarvan/skarner and ryze pick, but origen also changed up their comp to a disengage backline killer, with annie,twitch and lissandra.

In the early game it was origen that made the first move on bwipo and secured the first blood, but fnatic fought back with a gank of their own and took down kold from origen for a 1 to 1 trade.

At the 7 minute mark, both teams became bolder as time went on, a huge origen gank in the botlane initiated a fight with hylissang being taken down but origen didn't count on the level 6 rek sai coming from behind. The unfortunate gank cost mithy his life but they were able to get broxah for a 2-1 trade.

At the 17 minute mark, a mid lane fight broke out during a siege, fnatic were able to start the fight off strong taking down patrik but nukeduck was able to bring it back and taking down hylissang and bwipo forcing them back to lick their wounds.

For the entire game fnatic has had origen’s number, while pushing the midlane they took down the inhibitor and moved down towards the bottom lane, a fight broke out but turned sour on fnatic soon after and they were forced to back off.

At the 30 minute mark the tide officially turned, with fnatic being unable to close out in time, origen was able to rally back into a deciding team fight to take the lead in this match.

With the momentum now shifted towards origen at the 36 minute mark origen put the final nail in the coffin with one last fight to close out the game with a 23 and 11 scoring putting fnatic on game point in a 2-0 series

with fnatic now on do or die territory it was time to bring the old comfort picks back into the game,

in champ select, rekkles was put on vayne, with nemesis on lissandra and hylissang on pyke. For the few minutes it was quiet for both teams until a bottom lane fnatic dive got rekkles the first blood. Later on at the 8 minute mark, a river team fight breaks out to have fnatic win with a 2-0 kill and a secured mountain drake

close to the 14 minute mark origen and fnatic had a big scuffle down in the bot lane with bwipo eliminating nukeduck and kold with alphari being executed under tower.

For the entire match fnatic has shown how truly strong they are and at the 25 minute mark one big fight decided the entire match and put fnatic on the board, they manage to route the origen team and win the match with a 16-4 score and 2-1 series point.

With fnatic gaining a bit of hope in this series, nothing has really changed for them while did getting one win, they’re still in do or die territory, fnatic had to bring out everything they had to go for the reverse sweep.

In the 4th match of the series, still match point, origen has officially brought out the comfort picks with sylas and ashe with tahm kench, fnatic stuck with their former pick of pyke and lissandra with rekkles on kai’sa. In the just the first two minutes of the game fnatic makes the first move and route the origen top laner.

For a while the game stayed at a stalemate until the 18 minute mark when a mid lane team fight broke out in an engage made by fnatic and even though they came in strong into this fight eliminating 2 members of origen, patrik was able to eliminate 2 fnatic members with the help of nukeduck eliminating the 3rd.

After the mid lane fight, the two teams met in the top side jungle, with ease origen brought the fight to fnatic and they step down one bit, the fight ended with fnatic losing 2 players for 0.

After multiple base sieges on fnatic, origen sealed their fate at the 33 minute mark all fnatic members were eliminated and the nexus was destroyed, finishing the series at a 3-1 score and ending fnatic championship dream run. Origen was set to face g2 in the finals.

Wow that's only the first and i'm already feeling exhausted, but now that origen defeated fnatic and is meeting g2 in the finals for a revenge match and well the matches were exactly what we expected.

For the start of the series, the first game champ select was pretty odd in terms of comfort picks and flex picks as well, origen decided to bring out a hecarim/nocturne combo with a galio and ryze, g2 on the other hand brought the sona and taric along with the olaf and irelia. It was something new to the scene after a bit with the meta but it was certainly something different. At the start of the game, it was g2 who took first blood from the origen top lane, but soon after origen fired back with a kill of their own on caps.

Close to the 14 minute mark, a dragon siege turns into a full out brawl with both teams going at it without stopping, og suffered the first two casualties but were able to come back in the fight taking down 4 members of g2 before securing the mountain drake.

Even with g2’s unfortunate loss in the last team fight, the match was pretty much decided when a 28 minute baron fight came into play and they were able to hold the origen team from stealing the baron and took down 3 of their members.

In the final fight of the match g2 kept their lead going and took out all members of origen in a swift and clean fight to close out the game with a 15-8 score and 1-0 start of the series.

With game 1 on g2’s side, origen didn’t take the loss too hard, they bounced back with a new strategy and hoping to get on the board in this series

during the second champ select of this series g2 esports landed on some comfort picks, feeling pretty confident from the last match, origen however had a few picks that were more in meta then comfort with the kennen,sona, and taric pick but the flex pick of yasuo.

In the start of the match it was g2 who picked up first blood and started with a lead.

As g2 held off origen and pushed em back with the rift herald they sieged mid and took out 2 og members with perkz on a rampage.

At the 24 minute mark, g2 sealed the deal and took game 2 of the series, after eliminating all members of origen, ending with a 22-7 score and a 2-0 series score putting origen in match point.

With origen at match point now, the anxiety and desperation finally hit the team and are now looking for a way to bring back the series.

In the champ select for game 3, origen brought out the power picks with draven and akali with a galio support, g2 answered back with the ryze jarvan and jayce power picks, it was clear origen wasn’t going to hold back any further and they needed a win to come back from this huge deficit. It was origen who made the first move on taking first blood, unfortunately for them that’d the last aggressive move they towards g2 and they were pushed back with a 2 kill advantage on g2’s side.

At the 9 minute mark, the bot lane tried to bring the gold lead with a few kills, a hard tower dive engage was initiated by origen, they manage to snag one kill but the bot duo was unfortunately wiped out by g2’s good positioning.

At the 16 minute g2 continued their domination towards origen and sieged mid lane with a rift herald, a sneaky perkz melted patrik before the fight event started. G2 continued to push og back into the nexus with shelly and were able to take down one nexus tower, but they had to back to regroup for the final push.

Finally at the 18 minute mark it was all over for origen as g2 mowed down the enemy base and despite origen’s brave attempts to stop the nexus siege, g2 became the lec champions with a 19 and 6 score and also a 3-0 series score.

With g2 concluding the lec as the champions, g2 will represent europe at msi and along with fnatic and origen will be at rift rivals to take on north america.

But i say let's take a break from league of legends and lets cover the rest of our games before we head back into the rift.

This friday we covered the first day of week 2 and now that the weekend is over in stage 2 its time to look into the standings and results so far.

So far this season the la valiants look like the got their wings clipped and they tried hard to get on the board. But lucky for them they showed that can come back pretty hard but it wasn’t the smoothest set compared to their gladiator counterparts, but for this is one step closer to turning the tide, los angeles defeated atlanta with a 3-2 score.

Congrats to the la valiants! Finally! But for the next the boston uprising looked to take a win off hangzhou sparks, with both teams coming strong it would be a close set in this match up.

The boston uprising we’re trying to keep their stage 2 win streak kicking but it was the hangzhou sparks that kicked them to the curb, in this game we got to see a lot of different picks coming out away from the goat composition, we were lead to believe boston was gonna close this game out and well they couldn’t close out the series. The hangzhou sparks defeated boston in a 3-2 scoring.

In our final match for friday the guangzhou charge took on the san francisco shock and well judging by the fact that one of these teams was a runner up from the last playoff finals, the results weren’t a surprise.

Like last week in their match against the charge, it was no different to see them dominating them in a clear cut fashion, no other words can describe this team right now or even the set itself, the shock defeated charge in a clean 4-0 victory.

With day 2 of week 2 under our belt, it's time to move onto day 3 where most of the action took place.

In the first match of saturday, technically friday but it was already past twelve, the chendu hunters faced faced off against one of their chinese counterparts the shanghai dragons.

There's not much to say for this match other than the shanghai dragon once again had their number even though the chengdu were able to take a game off the shanghai dragon but it wasn't enough, shanghai dragon defeated the hunters with a 3-1 score.

The official first match of friday takes to a match that even dear old robin enjoyed, london spitfire took on the philadelphia fusion.

The london spitfire looked to get revenge from an early stage 1 loss to the fusion, now a lot can be said about this set but these two teams were looking to get back to the way they were in 2018, the spitfire manage to look close and similar to that moment than the fusion, it was interesting to see these two teams go back and forth but it was ultimately the london spitfire who took the set with a 2-1 victory.

The champions of stage 1 took on the houston outlaws and were looking to keep their winning streak going, but you couldn’t count the outlaws just yet.

It’s been said that you shouldn’t run a three three comp against the titans and it worked out for the first game, with outlaws catching the titans by surprise. But of course the vancouver titans weren’t a team to messed with and they showed that they could overcome any comp thrown their way, the vancouver titans defeated the outlaws with a 3-1 victory.

In the next match. Dalla fuel took on the toronto defiant and this was actually an excited match for us, we were waiting to see the dallas fuel finally compete.

The dallas fuel had a lot more time than anyone to prepare for stage 2 and in their stage 2 debut they showed up and showed what they got and the time off was what they needed and they didn’t disappoint. The defiant team could not stop the raging fuel and unfortunately lost the set to a 4-0 defeat in favor of dallas.

In the final match for saturday the guangzhou charge were looking to end their map losing streak and the la gladiators stopped them on their tracks.

The la gladiators showed the charge why they were the better la team and it was clear after the first two map losses that a win was not in their grasp let alone their sight, the gladiators managed to just steamroll through and took the set with a 4-0 score.

Now for the final day of week 2, sunday was meant to get the final teams together to battle it out for some wins.

Like yesterday the dallas fuel were looking to keep their momentum going after the short break, especially against the paris eternal team.

The dallas fuel put their new look to the test and challenged the paris eternal to an all out brawl, but unlike yesterday this wasn't a clean win for the dallas team, eternal were able to tie a match and even take a match off them but it wasn't enough, the dallas fuel defeated paris in a 2-1 scoring.

In the second match of sunday, atlanta reign and washington justice met on the battlefield to see who gains a spike of momentum.

Washington came into this match trying to get their first win in stage 2 and they tried but atlanta was just too strong for them and were overpowered by them, atlanta looked stronger in this match than they did in their previous match, overall the atlanta team were able to chalk a victory into their record with a 3-1 score.

Now for a hometown match, the florida mayhem took on the new york excelsiors and like everyone here in the esports channel, we all knew how that would turn out.

First words can describe what new york is doing now, they have kept their near perfect streak and they haven’t dropped a map at all to any team, they had 1 tie in the overall season and now with this 4-0 victory the one team we predict to give these guys a challenge is the vancouver titans.

For the final match of week 2, the two la teams went head to head and surprisingly the la team did pretty well in this match.

The la valiants were on a mission to prove they the better la team and the gladiators kinda brushed them off but that didn’t mean we got a match to sleep on, the la valiants fought pretty hard and actually taking a game off the gladiators and taking one to a tie, but it was the gladiators who took the set with a 2-1 victory.

That's all the matches for stage 2, the overwatch league will return later this week in week 3 as the day go by we’ll be previewing the next week match up, but hey how about some rainbow 6?

The rainbow six siege pro league returned to europe this week with a lot easy wins and ties going into the first match of this week.

In the first match team empire took on g2 with both teams looking strong and ready to bring the fight, they both fought to their hardest to tie up the series at 6-6

in the second match of the day, chaos went up against lestream esports,

with lestream looking to stock up a win in their pockets, they currently underestimated chaos only to take 2 games in the entire set, chaos countered this and went for a full 7 game win.

For the final match of the day, team secret set to take on penta esports.

With both teams showing potential in showing who can take the set, it was team secret that fell extremely short only taking one game off of penta esports, the set ended with a 7-1 score.

Today april 15th, north america goes at it again, with team rogue taking on rise nation and then excelerate.Gg will take on ssg and evil genius will face off against team reciprocity.

Well first thing i want to ask, is that now we know the results of the finale of lcs spring split

what are thoughts now with team liquid winning the series in a reverse sweep?

Now with all fans now excited for the results that came in this weekend, with doublelift now earning his 6th trophy in his entire career, would you say he is now the best in north america?

Now i can talk about the lcs all day but unfortunately we have to move on.

With the conclusion of lcs and the lec, the next time we see these teams will be at msi on may 1st, each team will be representing their region to be the number 1 team in the mid season and bring their region to the top, but we’ll also see all 3 top na teams along with the top 3 eu teams at rift rivals on june 24th, those are some exciting matches and i can’t wait.

Now moving on to counter strike, the blast pro miami kicked off this past friday, and opened with some fun games.

On saturday, i got the chance to attend and witness some of the high energy of the arena myself. Leading up to the finals, the event went largely as expected. Coming into the event, there was no question that astralis was the team to beat, but team liquid were on a mission in this event, going 3 and 0 leading up to their fated match against what should have been the number 1 team in astralis, but astralis had already dropped a game leading up to this, showing some unexpected mortality against mibr, who defeated astralis 16-2. The brazilian squad of mibr had dropped very early in the blast pro series sao paulo, in which they didn't take a single win, but here in miami, they seem to have found their stride, going 2-1-1 until their final match of the round robin against team liquid, who had already secured their spot in the grand finals.

The final round robin showed us a battle for second place, the last spot in that final, with mibr, faze, and astralis all in the race. The big match everyone had their eyes on had to be team liquid vs mibr, which showcased liquid’s tenacity. Mibr went on a strong start, but team liquid was like an avalanche, and all it took was one pebble for the entire matches momentum to swing, and for team liquid to close it out, winning the game and closing their round robins 5 and zero. Now, team liquid was number 1 seed going into the finals, and joining them was faze clan. Team liquid once again took a while to rev up and find momentum, but thanks to some spectacular play from rain and olofmeitser, faze took the series 2 maps to zero. We’ll get the chance to take a closer look at this series tomorrow in more detail, because this whole tournament was an absolute blast to watch.

The fortnite world cup had its first online opens this week. Twitch.Tv/fortnite covered the whole event live, and we saw 19 players qualify for the world cup finals later this year, 1 from brazil, asia, and oceania, 8 from europe, 2 from north america west, and then another 6 in north america east.

A few technical hiccups here and there, we saw a pretty compelling first week of the event. Again, what’s compelling about this event is that anyone can qualify - all you have to do is be above rank 6, and you too can compete in any of the 9 remaining opens. While the tournament doesn’t follow a standard tournament style format, in which players compete against each other on a tournament realm or through a rotating season, perhaps this speaks to the appeal of fortnite in the first place, in that anyone can drop in at anytime and participate, whereas pubg and apex legends have much more of a team oriented aspect. It seems as if epic games wants to cement fortnite as a game that anyone can succeed at, even at the highest level - though we have to wonder if its because of the youth of the game, or a necessary format of the drop in structure that we may have been missing some of the more in depth narratives and storylines for our top players. Regardless, the accessibility of the format and the ability to view any game from your own client made it possible for anyone to tune in and perhaps even get into a game with someone competing to join that final countdown to qualify for the world finals.

Moving onto our final tournament coverage of the daym

in starcraft,

the gsl code s grand finals took place last night, between maru, the three time reigning champion in 2018, and classic, fighting his way to his first final in nearly five years. This final was to prove a swan song for classic, as he seemed to be nearing the end of his career, but the sold out arena saved him just as many cheers as the reigning champ.

Classic opened game 1 of the best of 7 with a confident maneuver, choosing to challenge maru in micro with an early blink stalker push. If executed perfectly, classic should have been able to slowly pick apart maru’s natural, force him to stay contained, limit his mining and gas income, all while safely expanding his own economy into a potential third for a mid game timing push, but classic made a mistake in his execution about 15 seconds into what should have been a several minute long harassment window, blinking directly on top of classic’s army with an apparent misclick, losing a hefty number of stalkers. Despite the mistake, classic stuck to the plan, trying to constantly harass with those stalkers, but his micro just wasn’t up to par, especially after losing a large number of his initial stalker force. Maru held against the aggression, and almost perfectly calculated the number of units necessary to counter push against classic, shoving him across the map, immediately forcing a desperate fight at classic’s freshly warped third base, and shot it, along with classic’s army and probes, into smithereens.

Game 2 opened with classic returning to a similar strategy, but instead of a blink stalker timing, classic opened with a proxy gateway, and started harassing with only two stalkers! Maru was completely unprepared, as his natural got stalled and took a significant portion of damage, though it did survive and maru was locked into his base. Classic buffed up his stalker numbers to put the pressure on, and amassed a number of phoenix’s to look for the one-two punch to end maru early, before he got a chance to find a critical mass of bio and upgrades. It seemed as if classic was more intent on bullying maru into submission than beating him. Maru seemed more than happy enough just sit in and sandbag the defense until late game. Ultimately, though, the harass wasn’t enough, and it came down to a proper army vs army fight, but this time classic was able to use maru’s defenses against him, pushing his marines into the scv line, and locking the siege tanks onto the ramp. Two or three storms later, and maru was done for, and the match was evened up.

Classic seemed to have done his homework for the matchup, because game 3 also saw an aggressive opening from classic, with an early adept and stalker just to annoy maru at his natural expansion timing. Stress here could mean more stress later. Maru, in turn, seemed content to stay inside his base, appearing as if he were simply defending and recovering, when he was in turn looking for his own opening to strike back with a lethal blow against classic. Classic finally caught on to maru’s deception and reacted with a colossus pivot to try and defend, but it was too late, and maru walked his two base army happily into classic’s natural, and claimed game 3.

The series so far has been defined by classic’s early aggression, varying in degrees, and maru’s response to this aggression. So when game 4 opened up with comparatively light aggression from classic, maru might’ve let his guard down just a bit too much, because in turn responded with a tempest rush and push, alongside a proxy gateway and some shield batteries, effectively to hammer down maru’s base from a distance with that absurd tempest range. While maru struggled valiantly, he was very clearly out of his depth against what one could ostensibly call cheese, and tapped out with gg, evening up the series again.

Going into game 5, the score is set at 2-2, but the intricate dance of decision making vs action has kept everyone on their toes. Classic has shown a predilection towards risk, which yielded results at the expense of maru’s mistakes, but instead of risking with his own counterpunches, maru seemed more intent on preventing any opportunities for classic’s risks to pay. Nearly an hour after the series started, game 5 again saw a proxy setup from classic, but this one had the smallest success of all of the other games, and with maru dissuading any harass, saw the closest thing to a standard late game the series had seen. Classic returned to tempests, but in the proper late game, this time, but instead of maru slowly giving up ground to their superior range, maru countered with a very efficient marine marauder backstack, completely destroying one of classic’s undefended bases before getting into classic’s main to pick apart a few stargates and stall classic, at least for a few minutes. Despite maru’s strike, classic maintained his presence outside of maru’s base and kept chipping away, keeping maru locked to only his most accessible bases. The war turned to attrition, with classic chipping away at maru, and maru’s small backstab strikes doing the same thing. Spectacularly, maru found a way to bring out battlecruisers, in an attempt to answer classic’s tempests, so we end up with a game of warping air units. After realizing the situation, classic tried to amp the pressure onto maru’s front door, but maru had the coolest tactical jump with his battlecruisers, and walked right on top of classic’s tempests, tearing them to shreds. From there, classic needed more time and income to rebuild his army, and despite attempts to buy that time with drops and dark templar harass, maru had found his momentum, and quickly cleaned up the rest of the map, securing game 5, and arriving at match point.

Game 6, maru leads the series, 3-2. Classic again opened aggressively, but seemed to have heard his inner jazz calling at the wrong time, with an apparent improvised and free-style dark templar rush to try and tear maru apart early, but maru was more than prepared, banking just enough energy for a scan, saving his base. To salt the wound, maru managed to get two widow mines into classic’s base, killing a handful of probes. Gravely wounded, but not beaten, classic pivoted to a late game, but classic’ freestyle attitude might have cost him too much. A few minutes later, maru struck hard, hoping to deal the killing blow with a bio and tank composition, but classic miraculously managed to hold, stalling the inevitable, but maru didn’t stop there, as he backstabbed into the nexus with a medivac dropping, sniping the nexus before repositioning back in the middle of map to try for another attack. This time, classic didn’t find his miracle defense, and after losing his army, gave it a few seconds to contemplate before tapping out of the series. Maru wins, 4-2.

Wow that a lot of to go through this weekend but we don’t stop bringing the action, one quick final announcement before we head out.

Resident evil fans, the resi 2 weekly challenges have officially reset.

If you’re still one of this hundred people who still have their perfect streak, now is your chance to keep that streak going and if for those who haven't done any challenges, it is not too late to join.

You can head on over residentevil.Net and sign up and have your play data recorded and you start cashing in those gold and platinum medals.

That’s it for today’s coverage of the daily hud, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for the latest update in esports.

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