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Overwatch League Week 3, Tekken World Tour, Fortnite World Cup, RLCS, & Rainbow Six Siege EU.

In our coverage today we’ll be covering the results of the overwatch league week 3, tekken world tour mixup results, a look into the standings of the duos finale in week 2 of the fortnite world cup, rlcs week 3, and rainbow six siege eu results.

Let’s start of with a big event, the overwatch week 3 started off big and last week we stated that this is a crucial time for bottom place teams and the wall they’ll have to climb, we also stated that the results of this week will be a prediction for the next coming weeks.

Starting off on thursday, we had the new york excelsiors versus the philadelphia fusion, as well all known the excelsiors are one of the top teams.

With the titans and the excelsiors being undefeated during the time, every map matters and with this match against the fusion, new york had that in their minds, but despite the hard fight philadelphia was able to take off one map and now questions for the rest of the week was that if new york was finally falling from grace? But as of this match they held up strong and defeated the fusion with a 3-1 score.

The next match in day 1 the strong san francisco shock were looking for their win and momentum for the rest of the season, they were up against the toronto defiant and the way they performed were exactly as we thought.

After the stage 2 meta change and the roster changes for the toronto defiant, they have struggled to gain their break out success from stage 1, their back to back loses have them placed out of the current playoff standings, so now in this match up they were looking to dethrone and gain a huge momentum spike against the shocks unfortunate for them they came up short and lost to a 4-0 scoring from san francisco.

In the next match, we have our 3rd undefeated team, the la gladiators taking on the florida mayhem look to keep getting those wins.

Once florida sank their teeth into this match and after their roster changes or rotations, they showed to have improved at least a little bit and actually surprised everybody for how they held of the gladiators, they showed individual power to an extant and even were able to take 1 map from the gladiators, but it was not enough and los angeles defeated florida in a 3-1 victory.

For our final match of day 1, we had the titans of the overwatch league, the vancouver titans take on the dallas fuel.

While the titans still look unbeatable they came out strong onto the dallas fuel team, despite dallas having a huge surge of momentum since the start of the stage, the titans kept the match clean and clear, dominating every map they came across in this game, there's really not much to say over this match except that the titans are still the number 1 team in the owl and it shows. The titans defeated the fuel in a 4-0 victory landslide.

The next day of action in week 3 was… just that full of action especially for bottom place teams, like we said before this week is a stepping stone for those low teams and well it showed on this day that momentum can shift at anytime.

For the first 2 teams of the day, things were staying nice and firm for the new york excelsiors especially going into their match up with the atlanta reign.

In the match of the day, the new york excelsiors were predicted to take the match in a 1-2 fashion, but what no one predicted was for the atlanta reign to bring the fight to new york in a massive way, despite the new york taking 1 map off, the atlanta reign took all 3 maps to secure the victory, new york excelsiors have finally been defeated.

In our second match of friday, the philadelphia fusion went head to head with the houston outlaws and they were looking to cement themselves as a top place team.

Their match with the outlaws was enough prove to show everyone that they are a top team, with a loss from new york it showed that they can bounce back from a huge deficit, little can be said about the houston outlaws though because they have been on the wrong side of the yard and have yet to set their footing properly and are defeated by the fusion in a 4-0 victory.

The final match for friday, the good old los angeles valiants took the sorta newly improved washington justice.

As we stated before the los angeles valiants could have had their wings clipped and the only direction they can try to go is up and up is where they went in this match, the valiants actually showed their potential as a team here but with their position in the standing they still have a long way to go, but for now their showing was a breath of fresh air, despite the justice taking one map off, the valiants take down washington in a 3-1 victory score.

Now with day 2 of this week under our belts it was time for the big day, on saturday we expected some big matches from, again… the bottom plae teams and what we got was a little more than we expected.

To start the big day off two of the chinese teams went at and we expected this one to be a close set and… we were right.

The charge were under a huge slump with a 23 game losing streak, good news for them though the streak finally died, the question was can the charge close it out, the answer to that was no, the sparks were the top chinese team in this matchup but the set was close between both teams and they ended up with a 3-2 score with the sparks taking the victory.

For the second match of saturday, the london spitfire were looking to go hard in this match up after their last match win last week.

There’s been a lot of talk right now about who the number 4th team is and the london spitfire against the uprising made their call and claim in that top 4 place spot and they seem to know what to do in this new meta, based on their showing that day, it's clear that the spitfire are on their way to make a difference in the playoffs. The final score in this match up was a 4-0 victory towards the spitfire.

The third match of saturday, the shanghai dragon looked to keep their quest to climb up in the standings alive and against the florida mayhem, it looked to be set in stone.

After the shanghai dragon took their first ever win, their quest to climb has been a rough one but they’re racking the win’s whenever they can. The shanghai dragon showed that they’re getting better and better as the weeks go by, but there is one small hint of doubt in everyone's mind that their current playoff dreams will die sooner than later, especially with their last match of stage 2 being the san francisco shock, but in this match they proved that their momentum isn't going away anytime soon, the dragons defeated florida in a 3-1 match.

The dallas fuel came into the next match to take on korea’s seoul dynasty team and in this match we are now hitting major doubts for the fuel team.

Seoul dynasty has been a team that's been under the radar for most teams with that being said the dallas fuel came in with full confidence and that led to their big downfall, the confidence turned into over-confidence and under estimation towards the korean team and they fell like flies, the seoul dynasty had their sights set for a playoff spot and they’re getting there, for this match they defeated the dallas fuel in a 4-0 score victory.

In the last game of saturday’s matchup the final chinese team the chengdu hunters took the stage to go up against the la gladiators.

The la gladiators one of the four teams still undefeated look to keep that run going and that's exactly what they did with great individual plays and proper team comps and coordination, there's little to be said about this match also other than the gladiators are staying strong, the match ended with a 3-1 victory to la.

And now for the final day of action for the overwatch league week 3, this week we got a pretty action packed finale more than we expected.

To start the day off, the unstoppable vancouver titans took on the boston uprising.

Now ladies and gentlemen what more can we say about any match up that involve the titans, this team is just a walking domination machine, so far no team has been able to entirely outsmart and take a win off the titans, a lot of owl analyst have stated that they wouldn’t go as far as to count any team out when facing the titans, though they have a reason to think that, the vancouver titans are putting those thoughts to doubt, the titans defeated boston in a ever-so clean 4-0 victory.

To la.

Looking back into the next match shanghai dragon had yesterday against the houston outlaws it looks like things will look up to the dragons

In the match up the showing for the playoff dream seems like a wish that might come true, it wasn’t the perfect win in this match for the dragons but a win nonetheless the houston outlaws are now questioning their playstyle and roster and are now look a possible potential change in their lineup but for the dragons it seems the stars are shining on them because they racked up another win defeating the outlaws in a 3-0 score.

For the next match, the san francisco shock took to the stage against their small chinese rivals the hangzhou sparks.

This matchup was a record breaking one with the shock looking to achieve the all time consecutive map win streak and they only needed 3 maps to do it, like the titans there is little to no words that can describe their domination. Everyone who watches the overwatch league are already anticipating a stage 2 play off rematch between the shock and titans but for now the shock were able to defeat the sparks in a 4-0 victory and achieve that 20 consecutive win mark.

For our final match for sunday and our coverage the atlanta reign were set to face off against the guangzhou charge.

The atlanta reign were looking to keep their playoff dreams until they came to a brick wall in the form of the charge. Atlanta reign were able to tie their set to a 1-1 score but after that it was all downhill from there as the charge… well took charge of the entire set and were able to walk away with the final win of this week, they defeated the reign with a 3-1 victory.

That was a lot of overwatch but before we end our coverage, the overwatch league will return later this week with a twist, week 4 will hosted by the dallas fuel at the allen event center in north texas labeled the dallas fuel homestand, I can’t wait to see the new venue for this next week.

I’m excited to see this week's action for sure but hey let's get into the fight game community with tekken 7.

This weekend we got to our first stop in the tekken world tour series, we landed in lyon france at the mix up event. With over 200 participants in progression of the top 48 then in progression to the top 8, only 2 players were able to make it to the grand finals like any other fighting game tournament.

Two final players made it to the grand finals that super akouma from france and cherryberrymango from korea, now for super akouma it was a double climb as he was sent to the losers bracket in the winners finals, where he defeated his opponent to meet cherryberrymango once again in the grand finals, but the fight didn't stop there, akouma had to reset the bracket and win both sets in order to get that championship. In the leading matches before the reset, super akouma was dominant and took the set in a 3-0 thus resetting the bracket. With the grand finals all reset and the momentum spiking high, akouma kept that all through the next set, though cherryberrymango wasn't counted out yet by taking 1 set. But it wasn't enough super akouma’s akuma was able to take down cbm’s jin and walk away with the championship and head into the masters tier in the world tour.

Congratulations to super akouma and hopefully we’ll see him at the grand finals in bangkok thailand.

For all you fortnite lovers out there who are looking into the competitive scene, the fortnite world cup started their week 2 this past saturday with their duo semis and finals.

The results for the na-east and the na-west have been finalized for this week.

In the na-east we had 3 qualifying duos who are already taking up 5,000 dollars worth of price money, in first place we got the duo of woofgang crimz and ot spadess then under them its msf clix and msf sceptic and in third place tying with the second place team, envy lenain and tyler15 are all qualified for the world cup finals, congratulations to you guys and best of luck from here on.

We got only one qualifier in the dup match up, this team scored 99 points and are taking a hefty 3,250 dollars in cash prize for their qualifications, the team of arkhram1x and bloom falconer have qualified for the finals, congratulations and we hope to see you there.

Our next coverage will take us to the rocket league championship series

Now there are alot of games in these series but we want to take a look at the four major ones we had our eyes and interests on, nrg vs ssg, splyce vs rogue, cloud 9 vs evil geniuses, and g2 esports vs ghost gaming.

Let's start off with the major giant one which is nrg esports and space station gaming, now coming into this match none of these teams were in negative scoring, they were either in a positive reign or a neutral reign.

In the match the strongest team between the two was nrg coming in undefeated and looking for their fourth consecutive win and space station gaming look to get into a positive standpoint, but nrg esports we’re not gonna let go of their winning streak that easily and that's exactly what they did and manage to take the series 3-0 and defeating space station gaming.

Our next match in the rlcs will take us to splyce vs rogue, both teams were close in the standings.

Splyce and rogue were about equal in the standings but it was rogue who came into this match up in a 0-3 score with splyce at 1-3 they were desperately trying to get on the board and fortunate for them it worked out. With quick play and team coordination they were able to take off 3 wins without dropping a single game, the final score was a 3-0 victory against splyce gaming.

Our next match takes us to another strong undefeated team cloud 9 and their opponents evil geniuses.

With cloud 9 being the favorites in the matchup and the dominant team, things were looking grim for evil geniuses but they were able to rally up and bring the fight to cloud 9, there efforts did bring out a hint of hope for the team as they were able to get a game off of c9 but that was it, cloud 9 just stomp the series they defeated evil geniuses with a 3-1 score and moving up to a 4-0 standing score.

For our last match of the day in rlcs, g2 took on ghost gaming and the results were just as expected.

G2 esports is the third and consecutive team to hold a undefeated streak but ghost on the other hand has a losing streak that reaches far beyond the other teams we’ve seen, g2 coming into this match up was just dominant right out the gate, there isn't much to say over this series other than g2 defeated ghost gaming in a 3-0 set and moving to 4-0 score and sending ghost to their 4 consecutive loss.

I’m sure ocelot is proud over his teams staying strong but now we gotta move on to our final coverage of the day and that's rainbow six siege

The european league of rainbow 6 is almost at its end, but we have 2 more weeks to go before the end of the regular season and we have 3 matches to cover from friday's line up.

For our first match of the day, team empire and lestream esports had a bit of a score to settle after their first round robin match.

The last time these two teams fought was on week 6 with team empire taking the win from lestream, now the lestream had a chance to even the score and take this one last match away from empire and that's exactly what they did. At first the series looked to be an even fight but lestream was able to it back into their side, team empire were able to keep the games they won at 4 round wins until lestream took the winning 7. The final score was 7-4 with lestream taking the set.

Our second match in the day is team secret vs team navi,like the other two teams the last time these two faced off was in week 6.

These two teams faced off in the club house map, team secret was the favorite in this matchup but team navi had a little secret hidden of their own, the series was a close one in terms of scoring but it was obvious team navi broke all expectations in this match and throw all doubts out the window. Team navi defeated team secret 4 to 7.

For our final match of our coverage today, g2 esports comes back to us in rainbow 6.

Team chaos looked to their regular season with hopes of taking a win off the current msi champions, little did they know that g2 was prepared for their all out attack. Even though chaos were able to bring the fight, g2 tipped the scales into their favor and officially ended the series with a 7-5 score.

Wow that was a lot of games, it's only monday and I'm already exhausted from all that actions.

That’s it for today’s coverage.

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