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Rainbow 6 Pro League, Fortnite World Cup, Hearthstone, Formula 1, Rocket League, & Apex News!

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Today, we’ll be recapping the rainbow 6 pro league, before digging into the results of the fortnite world cup warmup that happened over the past weekend. Plus, we've got hearthstone, formula 1, rocket league, and finally, some apex legends to close us out. But hey, that’s not all! If you send us your highlight reel, we’ll review it at the end of the week! We want to see what awesome action you folks at home can create! Submit your highlight reel to the link below in the description, we can’t wait to see what folks make at home.

That aside, let’s get into it. Last night saw more rainbow 6 excitement. We saw excelerate gaming challenge rise nation, rogue went head to head against spacestation gaming, and finally evil geniuses clashed with darkzero esports.

Our first set opened up with excelerate challenging rise nation, which went the distance and set the pace of the day with some long matches. Ultimately, at the end of the day, rise nation won their round, 7 to 5. Our second match had rogue versus spacestation gaming, ending with a tie, but ultimately, we want to talk about evil geniuses against dark zero, because this match saw evil genius rising back to the top. Ultimately, eg took the series, winning and claiming first place by taking out dark zero, but it was a slog of a match, and you could pretty clearly see the fatigue getting to the players. Ultimately, though, with point differential distributed by the end of the day, spacestation and all teams below them in the standings had found themselves eliminated from the chance at the post-season in milan. That said, there are only two spots open, and currently three teams vying for those spots, with evil geniuses, dark zero, and reciprocity all in touching distance. According to points, there still exists a scenario where, by the end of next week, we could have three teams all tied for first place in points, which would come down to tiebreakers.

Looking to fortnite, the world cup warmup wrapped up this weekend. While the official event was not broadcast, the replays have been made available, so anyone can dig in and try their hand at building their own fortnite broadcast. The competition had a prize pool 500,000 dollars, and anyone above a certain rating could join. On sunday, the top 1,500 players from saturday’s matches competed in a mini-tournament, to decide who deserves to be on top.

All of this acts as a precursor for the fortnite world cup and the fortnite online qualifiers, which are set to kick off this coming weekend. We’ll have ten weeks of qualifier tournaments, each featuring a million dollar prize pool. The top 100 solo players and the top 50 duos will be invited to compete in the world cup finals, happening on july 26. This one’s the real deal, with a total of $30 million in prize money, guaranteeing at least $50,000 to each player just for participating. The world cup solo champion is set to receive a staggering $3 million dollars. While dota 2 and starcraft have long dominated prize earnings in esports, fortnite is about to change the game in just a few short months.

In other news, the new hearthstone expansion rise of shadows drops today!

The expansion had a pre-release similar to previous expansions, in which you were able to play with the cards at fireside gatherings near you, but for those of you antisocial gamers who mute the other player’s emotes (seriously, who does that?), the expansion drops in full today! This is also marks the first simultaneous launch of a new expansion, as everyone across the globe will get access to the cards at the exact same time - none of this rolling release stuff.

In addition to lackeys and schemes, the expansion will also add a new spell mechanic in twinspell, which creates a duplicate of the spell you just cast in your hand - without the repeating mechanic of course. Otherwise, we get into recursion, and the first thing you have to understand about recursion is that the first thing you have to understand about recursion is that the first thing you have to understand about recursion is that the first thing you have to understand about recursion - ok, this joke has gone on long enough. Can’t wait to see you folks in the arena as i stress test some new decks on my way to legend. Not to mention the mysterious “secret plan” listed on the rise of shadows launch page… hopefully with the launch of the game, we’ll get insight into what those devious villains at blizzard planning.

Announced just last week, formula 1 esports has started its first online qualifier last night, in which anyone with a copy of f1 2018 could join and compete.

This will be the first of three full qualifiers, so there are plenty of chances for racers to get their pedals to the metal. This round of qualifiers will run for 12 more days, and after the other two, we’ll get the full race-off on the 27th of may. The coolest part? You can play on any console you’ve got, playstation, xbox, or pc.

In other racing news, the race is on! For first place! In rocket league! That’s right, the rlcs is back, with season 7.

Kicking off on april 6th, the rlcs will feature five weeks of matches to lead up to the rlcs regional qualifiers and the rlcs finals. From north america, the top two teams will automatically advance to the finals, set to take place in late june. Before that, a winner must be crowned in the north america region, with the regionals set to occur starting in may.

In another rocket league news, psyonix has recently announced a revenue sharing model, set to coincide with the opening of a new esports shop in game, in which all things purchased will, in someway, provide revenue to the teams. Rocket league joins rainbow 6, pubg, and league of legends, alongside many other esports to take up the revenue sharing model. With spanish football club fc barcelona sponsoring the rlcs team savage, rlcs is looking to achieve one of their most memorable seasons to date.

That’s it for today, come back tomorrow for more!

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