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In our coverage today we’ll be covering rainbow six siege eu preview, a gears 5 esports debut, a preview of the overwatch league friday match, mortal kombat 11, dota 2 esl, csgo esl group b and pubg global summit.

Starting off our coverage, this friday we head back into the rainbow 6 european league and the matches are getting more intense as time goes on.

We are now in week 13, 1 week away from finishing the regular season, wins have been crucial but now it's do or die for bottom place teams. Now with most top teams going up against the bottom, we shouldn’t count them out yet, with some of the bottom teams were able to hold their own at the rainbow six invitational. All eyes will be on g2 esports, team empire, lestream esports and team chaos.

The matches will take place tomorrow at 1pm, starting off the day with team empire and lestream esports, then mouz will face off against penta esports, following that match will be team secret with team navi, then to close out the day g2 esports look to end with a fresh win against chaos esports.

Moving on, the gears of war 5 game has officially made a great announcement for anyone looking to go pro.

Gears 5 makes its esports debut this summer with the eleague gears summer series: the bonds and betrayals of brotherhood, xbox and eleague announced during an inside xbox episode on tuesday.

The six-part event series and live tournament focuses on the stories and players behind the world of gears esports.

The first episode airs on tbs on friday, june. 14 at 11 p.M. Et and features the worldwide debut of gears 5 versus multiplayer. Eight of the top gears teams from around the globe are participating in the competition at turner studios in atlanta. The best teams will go on to the invitational at the end of the season.

Looking towards a game that isn’t even out yet, mortal kombat 11 has just announced their new esport league, the final kombat 2020.

While mortal kombat drops on april 23rd, the first qualifier event for the world tour will start just a month after release, on the 24th of may. This first tournament will be at combo breaker in illinois, with another 8 tournaments spread out across the remainder of 2019, until the top sixteen players approach the grand finals, called final kombat, set to happen sometime in march 2020. So far, there’s a 155,000 dollar prize pool spread out across these tournaments.

We’ll have to see if this is yet another game that sonicfox will dominate in, or if we might get some new competition!

Turning our attention to dota 2, the esl one mumbai began yesterday, and saw the conclusion of the group stages.

Of the eight teams competing, seven got invited from their respective regional qualifiers, and the last from a local indian qualifier. Due to a handful of teams dropping out a week before the event, the group stage was modified to accommodate the eight teams still competing for their share of $300,000.

Split into two groups, we’re seeing a double elimination format, in which the top two teams of each group advance to the upper bracket, and the bottom two drop into the lowers. From there, it’s double elim format, in which if you drop a game in the uppers, you drop to lowers, whereas if you lose in lowers, you’re eliminated.

With the conclusion of groups, we’re seeing team team and na’vi advance to uppers out of group a, with predator and complexity gaming dropping into the lower bracket. From group b, we’ve got keen gaming and mineski seeding up top, and the pango and signify dropping into lowers. The first round of the upper bracket will take place today, with team team challenging mineski, and na’vi against keen gaming. From there, the tournament will continue over the weekend until the grand finals on the 21st at 6:30 am eastern.

But hey here's some interesting news on what happened yesterday, the smash update for joker was released on time. Sounds like a nice time until you noticed

That servers went down on time of release, only about 10% of the smash fan base were able to get their hands on joker while the others were stuck on a error code and it wasn't a good time for anyone, though the problem has been resolved now, fans have made their voices heard over nintendo’s poor decision and online management especially when people are paying for their online services, nintendo has yet to release a sort of statement to wash down the problem, but with joker finally being available I think people will forget about this for a lil while until the new character is revealed and released.

Alright moving on to a little more funnier news in a sorta disgusting way, in the entertainment media shows have adapted ways to have players interact with a shows story, like a decision based game where the story is told depending on your decisions and one person managed to follow that trend

That's right, bear grylls the world's most renowned survivalist has become part of that genre in story telling, in netflix you can watch this program staring him and you can make him do pretty ridiculous things, like eat bear poop, we’re not gonna show you this clip because we don’t want to spoil it for anyone but you can go on netflix and check it out yourself. But aside from that it brings up the question on how that would sorta transition into video games, imagine having actual humans as playable characters I feel like this is one step closer to achieving that goal yet we are probably still years away from having that come true but that's a step closer and you know me optimistic.

Moving on to the overwatch league, today week 3 starts of a bang but we want to look at friday’s games before the weekend rolls in.

As we said the matches that will take place today will be the predictions going into the rest of the seasons, but what about today? Well it should be another step forward to see how these teams have been playing, it also should be noted that as of this week, most top teams will either receive their first loss or continue their stage 2 victory streak but that's not saying to count out the bottom place teams like the los angeles valiants and the washington justice, it’ll only be a matter of time before one of these teams blow up with momentum but the question that stands now, is if they will be able to have enough in the fuel tank to make to play offs.

Friday’s schedule is ready and lined up for action with new york and atlanta started off the day, then the philadelphia fusion look to put the houston outlaws and their drive to win to bed, the la valiants look to regrow their wings against washington and finals the guangzhou charge will close of the day with another fellow chinese team hangzhou sparks. Day 2 will begin friday at 7 pm, these are stacked matches so you won’t wanna miss em.

Thank you for checking in on esport channel’s news.

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