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Starcraft 2 World Championship, Counterstrike Star Series, and Overwatch League updates!

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

In our coverage today we’ll be covering the starcraft 2 world championship series winter, then we’ll be covering the counterstrike starseries i-league 7 results for the semi finals and finals, a real life battle royale, talk the new star wars game, and then for our final coverage we’ll be looking into special update coming to overwatch and then we’ll discuss and preview week 2 for the overwatch league.

Looking towards starcraft 2, the world championship series europe and north america wrapped up this past weekend, crowing two champions, with reynor taking the series against serral in game 7 in europe for the final ace match, and in north america, been overcame scarlett 4 to 2. Both first place winners walked away with a hefty prize of 12,000 us dollars apiece, along with a boost of circuit points to propel them towards the upcoming wcs spring, summer, and fall season, alongside the inevitable wcs global finals.With that tournament all finished up, eyes are on korea to wrap up the gsl code s season 1 finals, set to take place this weekend. Reigning champ maru is set to take on classic, and here’s to hoping that this week has given enough time for classic to prepare some new strategies that can hopefully fare a bit better against the ruthless terran

our next coverage takes us to the counterstrike starseries i-league 7 semi-final and finals.

In the semi finals on saturday, fnatic went head to head with nrg esports, with fnatic being the top favorite, nrg wasn't counted out just yet in this best of 3 series. Even though they were having trouble keeping up with fnatic, they did manage to bring the fight out keeping the matches close. But ultimately it was fnatic who won the series with a 19 to 17 score with a 2-0 victory.

In the next semi final match, team navi took team renegades and this match showed potential for the underdog.

Like the previous match, team navi was seen as the big favorite but it wasn’t didn’t mean we could count renegades out just yet. Both teams came into this match up with a surge of momentum from their previous matches in the playoffs. Renegade were able to take a win off team navi. But it was navi who took the set with a 2-1 victory series with both ending with a score of 16. They eliminated renegades from the playoffs and met fnatic in the finals.

On sunday the finals went underway, fnatic and team navi were ready for all out brawl.

The finals were set as a best of 5 series, fnatic and navi were coming in strong. Fnatic did show a little bit of weakness but they weren’t given the cold shoulder either. Despite team navi’s stronger diversified strategies, they respected fnatic to the end. But fortunately for them they were able to take the series with a surprising 3-0 victory and were made the champions of the starseries i-league.

Have you ever wanted games to be more immersive? Has upgrading your computer or to the latest console not done it for you, in terms of graphics? Well, have we got news for you, because the battle royale genre is about to get some new competition.

Website hush hush has made a recent posting asking for a new “game maker”, that is, someone to help design an arena for a real life, bonafide, 100-person battle royale. The day rate is expected to be about 1,500 pounds over six weeks, totalling at around 45,000 pounds. Of course, all of this is at the behest of an unnamed individual who is using hush hush to make his dream his reality. As listed on the hush hush website, contestants hoping to participate in the royale will compete over three days, with airsoft guns, ammo, and touch-sensitive body armor, with 12 hours of competition each day. Competitors will then camp for the night, with food, camping gear, and all necessary equipment to be provided. The listing even claims that, if the event is a success, that it is expected to become an annual tournament. Now we can finally settle the age old question of who would win in a battle royale!

Moving onto some new announcement from ea.

Respawn, the developers of apex legends has officially teased a new star wars game in development called star wars jedi: fallen order, it also been announce that an announcement live stream will be broadcasted on april 13th on ea’s star wars twitch channel.

For our final coverage of the day, the developers of overwatch has officially announced the new archive event update,

labeled “storm rising” this event will feature a new pve map set in havana cuba, the story of the new archive event is following tracer as her first leading a strike squad against one of the talon leaders, maximilian. Other than that no new announcements have been made but we can expect to see old archive returning as well as new skins.

Continuing our coverage, the overwatch is set to start their week 2 , tomorrow but questions on viewership are starting to come up in concerns of the league’s status.

The esports observer has reported a huge decline in twitch views at the start of stage 2. Viewers have expressed their disinterest in overwatch due to no changes in the meta especially with release of baptiste. But nonetheless the league will continue on without interruption.

On thursday, we start the day off with paris eternal taking on florida mayhem, then new york excelsiors will face off against washington justice, then to end the day vancouver titans look to extend their winning streak against seoul dynasty.

On friday, toronto defiant and philadelphia fusion are set to go on stage first at 12:15 am entering friday from thursday. Later on that day the los angeles valiants look to finally get on the board against atlanta reign. Next boston uprising go head to head with hangzhou spark, then to end the day the number 2 team of the stage 1 playoffs san francisco shock with versus guangzhou charge.

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